Judge refuses request of Indian IT tech, who works for DMI, to censor US writer

BELOW: Court record of Krishna Gudipati who plays host to Hindu icons such as Dr Subramanian Swamy and Sadhguru.


Tuesday, a second judge in Montgomery county district court in Maryland threw out a request  by Indian nationals to censor the writings of an American journalist.

Krishna Gudipati, mobile solutions architect at the DC-based Digitial Management Inc., requested Judge Aileen E. Oliver to ask this correspondent to take down the articles he wrote about Gudipati’s wife beatings recently. Judge Oliver bluntly refused to censor after the writer explained that it was not the responsibility of the state to curtail free speech.

Differences between Gudipati and his associate Soumya S. Chowdhury, also an Indian citizen who works for Monument Construction LLC, with this writer first surfaced when this writer wrote an article to condemn the dastardly killing by a Hindu fanatic Shambulal Regar in Rajasthan in December.

On December 6, the 25th anniversary of the Ayodhya Mosque turmoil that saw the killing of 2,000 people, mostly Muslims in India, Regar hacked to death Afrazul, 50, from West Bengal accusing him of being involved in “love jihad,” that is enticing non-Muslim women into sex with a goal of their conversion to Islam. Regar’s video tape of the killing and burning of Afrazul’s body went viral on the social media.

Other points of differences were this writer’s regular expose of the wrong acts of some Balochistan militant groups of targeting noncombatant civilians. Gudipati and Chowdhury met with representatives of the Baloch National Movement, who are believed to be front offices of the deadly Balochistan Liberation Front.

Gudipati’s associate Chowdhury also abused the pregnant wife of Bronze star winning Capt (RTD) Dipesh Chatterjee and when this scribe asked him to apologize he became even more abusive.

The reports have been widely published in mainstream Pakistan media both in English and Urdu.






#ChappalChorPakistan: Activists to collect worn out shoes as gift to Pakistan embassies

Indian Americans, along with Afghan Americans and Baloch Americans in the US, in the Washington DC area have launched a novel campaign to avenge humiliation of the mom and wife of Indian naval officer Kulbushan Jadhav, who was sentenced to death by a Pakistan military court in spring.

Avanti Jadhav and Cheetankul Jadhav, wife of condemned India spy Kulbushan Jadhav, were made to remove their “mangal sutra”, bangles, and bindi before they could meet Jadhav on Christmas day, India’s External Affairs Ministry complained. Pakistan’s spy service ISI also stole Cheetankul’s shoes, sent it for forensic exams and now say they have found a metal object in one of them.

Soumya Sundar Chowdhury, civil engineer in the Washington DC area who is from Calcutta, West Bengal and supports the freedom of Balochistan, has launched the campaign.

“As you people all know, Kulbhushan Jadhav’s family has been humiliated by Pakistan for no no fault of their own. They took away their shoes and never returned them,” said Chowdhury. “So this New Year don’t throw away your old shoes instead get together and donate it to your nearby Pakistan embassy through Hand Delivery or Mail.”

Chowdhury made an appeal keep a note in the box of the shoes saying it is from Kulbhushan Jadhav’s extended family. “If possible record the whole event and upload it in your social media. Invite others in this goodwill gesture.”

As Pakistan media mostly sides with the country’s military, the Jadhav ladies were not only insulted by Pakistan’s deep state but also harassed by the journalists.

Aapke patidev ne hazaron begunah Pakistaniyo ke khoon se Holi kheli ispar kya kahengi? (your husband killed thousands of innocent Pakistanis, what do you have to say about that?)'” was a question shouted at Kulbhushan Jadhav’s wife Chetankul Jadhav, according to a report in the NDTV.

Aapke kya jazbaat hain apne qaatil bete se milne ke baad? (How do you feel after meeting your killer son?)” – a journalist hurled at Mr Jadhav’s mother Avanti Jadhav, the report said.

Pakistan, which was artificially carved out of India by British mischief mainly due the anti-Hindu bigotry of Muslims from Punjab, Bengal, Bihar and some other Indian provinces, is highly paranoid when it comes to India.

Though the two countries were freed at the same time, India a secular democracy has reached mars while Pakistan has turned into a favorite destination for jihad tourism.

Jadhav was sentenced to death by a Pakistani Field General Court Martial in April on a charge of terrorism. The Pakistanis claim he was arrested in Balochistan but India says the former naval officer was abducted from Chahbahar port by the militant Jaishul Adal.

Despite being beaten black and blue in all wars against India — for instance former Pakistan army chief Gen Raheel Sharif elder brother Major Rana Sharif and uncle Major Aziz Bhatti both got the country’s highest military award Nishan-i-Haider after being tanked to death by India in the 1971 and 1965 wars– Pakistan army GHQ still believes  they will defeat India in Kashmir.

Many Indians correctly believe 1.32 billion Indians are being held hostage to Pakistan’s 6,20,000 parasitical army and the time has come for India to balkanize Pakistan.

“We need all over the world people doing this to Pakistan, the mother-load of bad ideas,” said Chowdhury.

Pakistan’s treatment of Jadhav ladies enraged India and #ChappalChorPakistan (pakistan is slipper thief) trended on twitter.

Exiled Kashmiri leader urges Baloch to encourage women, respect all activists

A Kashmiri leader who has been struggling to expose Pakistan’s wrongs since his days as a student leader, four decades back, has called upon Baloch leaders to encourage women’s participation in the Baloch struggle for freedom and justice.

“It’s a very good sign that Baloch women are struggling for independence of Balochistan,” Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, president of the United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP), said on Thursday. “Women’s participation, like that of Prof Naela Quadri, is good for your independence movement,” he added.

Kashmiri, who was abducted by the Pakistan secret services and brutally tortured in the mid-1990s, now lives in exile in Switzerland.

Prof Quadri, like Kashmiri, has years of experience behind her. Pakistani secret services badly tortured her husband for two long years for her association with the freedom movement. She had to flee Pakistan, quitting her professor’s job and leaving two homes behind, and now lives in exile in Vancouver.

“Do not discourage a single worker of the movement if you are a true leader and statesman of Baloch nation,” said Kashmiri without taking any name.

A lot of positive energy was generated when Indian prime minister Narendra Modi expressed solidarity with the people of Balochistan from the historic Red Fort last year. There were indications that even a government-in-exile would be formed in New Delhi.

Prof Quadri was working on that idea and was warmly received in India when she arrived there from Afghanistan two months after Modi’s speech. However, some Baloch feudal lords were reluctant to give her a helping hand even though a woman’s face would have helped raise the international profile of Balochistan.

“Naela Quadri is not representing Baloch People, rather than supporting they are damaging Baloch cause by their insane actions(sic),” Brahumdagh Bugti, 33, said in a series of tweets  the Indian Express reported, no sooner than Prof Quadri landed in India.

This scribe had tried to counsel to the Bugti team not to oppose Prof Quadri, without success. Prof Quadri made attempts to contact Bugti, but he and his team refused to talk to her, questioning her “status” even though she was once a central committee member of Bugti’s Baloch Republican Party (BRP) when they were in Afghanistan.

Bugti’s tweet punctured the idea of a government-in-exile, but he shot himself in the feet as well as Indian columnists began questioning his political wisdom and background and India stopped looking at his asylum request seriously. Bugti was denied asylum by India four months back, though he claims he never formally asked for asylum.

“You have a great cause and you are struggling for your country’s independence,” Kashmiri urged. “Please encourage people to claim the Baloch moment, do not isolate them.”

Despite being a third rate failing state, Pakistan does have lots of allies. “Your occupier is more powerful and have allies like Turkey and other Muslim countries,” Kashmiri warned the Baloch leaders.

“We should respect even those who are not struggling (for freedom) but (in their hearts) hate the enemy of Baloch people,” he urged.

The UKPNP president said as a sympathizer of Baloch independence movement, he would like to request stakeholders of the Baloch case to respect each other, create space for every Baloch to contribute and to avoid the blame game.

Kashmiri requested Sardar Brahumdagh Bugti, Nawabzada Mehran Marri, Hyrbyair Marri, Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud and all other leaders and workers, who live abroad and fall in the category of Baloch Diaspora, to call an international conference and move towards unity.

The leaders Kashmiri named are feudal lords and are not on talking terms with one another– Bugti and Daud are not on talking terms; Mehran Marri is not on talking terms with his brother Hyrbyair Marri and Daud. Highly arrogant, these members of the Baloch blue blood families don’t consider the commoners as their equals.

Kashmiri and his university comrade Mumtaz Khan, who now lives in Toronto, have been in the forefront to expose ISI’s crimes against the people of Azad Kashmir, which is actually Pakistan occupied Kashmir. As they are born Muslim, the two leaders can help counter the jihadi narrative in Jammu and Kashmir but have not been allowed to visit there for reasons best known to New Delhi babus.

Kashmiri’s call for encouraging women leadership in the Balochistan movement was much needed. Balochistan has one of the highest rates of honor killings of women, called siahkari, in the world. Women, blacks and gays are highly discriminated in Baloch society.

Besides Prof Quadri, other well-known women active in Baloch diaspora politics are Banuk Karima Baloch (Toronto), Farzana Majeed (USA), and Bibi Mahdem and Mahnaz Baloch in London, UK



Alas, Baloch nawabs, sardars finally talking to one another!

The news was like music to many Baloch ears, but some critics remained skeptical.

The London-based news portal Baloch Warna News broke the news. At least two feudal lords have announced plans to bury the hatchet.  The pro-freedom Baloch leaders Brahumdagh Bugti, president of Baloch Republican Party, and Hyrbyair Marri, head of the Free Balochistan Movement, held a telephonic conversation on Monday about cooperation in the Baloch freedom struggle.

Just a day earlier, Bugti had issued a separate, joint statement with Marri’s younger and estranged brother Nawab Mehran Marri saying they were joining hands in an effort to highlight the genocide being inflicted on Baloch people in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan.

The Marri brothers had not been on talking terms for more than eight years now after a dispute over accountability of freedom resources. The two brothers were on good terms until the arrest of Hyrbyair Marri and his close associate Faiz Baluch in December 2007. Mehran Marri is brother-in-law of Brahumdagh Bugti. Bugti on the other hand was not on talking terms with Hyrbyair Marri as the latter had allegedly reneged on returning one of Bugti’s favors.

Bugti and Marri who are among political successors of the two neighboring tribes of Bugtis and Marris in Balochistan have agreed to initiate talks and resolve future problems of the Baloch freedom struggle. The statement added, “The regional political scenario and Baloch freedom struggle requires that all problems should be solved with mutual consent and principled and long-term cooperation should be established for the freedom of Balochistan.” In this regard, a meeting will be held in Geneva on November 18 to discuss problems and requirements of the Baloch freedom struggle.

It was not clear if the thaw between Bugti and Marri also includes the younger brother Nawab Mehran Marri, or the Marri’s brother-in-law Mir Javed Mengal. The family feud between Hybyair Marri and Javed Mengal was in such bad taste that Hyrbyair Marri lodged a case against Javed Mengal for keeping him out of his mother’s funeral rites.

Daud and Bugti have not been on talking terms for more than eight years after Daud told a memorial meeting in London that Bugti’s grandfather, former governor and chief minister of Balochistan Nawab Akbar Bugti, did not sacrifice his life for the freedom of Balochistan but for his personal honor.

Pakistan accuses Brahumdagh Bugti, Hyrbyair Marri, Mehran Marri and Javed Mengal of allegedly heading the militant outfits Baloch Republican Army, Balochistan Liberation Army, United Baloch Army and Lashkar-i-Balochistan, respectively. These leaders however publicly deny any links with any militant outfit.

The differences between the feudal lords are all the more troubling and tragic as all of them lost a sibling to Pakistan army brutalities. Javed Mengal eldest brother Asadullah Mengal was one of the first victims of enforced disappearances way back in 1976; Mehran and Hyrbyair Marri’s brother Mir Balach Marri died November, 21 2007 in the Baloch battlefields; and Brahumdagh Bugti’s sister Zamur Domki was ruthlessly executed January 31, 2012 by Pakistani intelligence on the streets of Karachi.

One of the most important leaders on ground zero, is Baloch Che Guevara, Dr Allah Nazar. He is the only none feudal leader who publicly owns the militant outfit Baloch Liberation Front. Dr Nazar refuses to leave Balochistan and is politically supported by the Baloch National Movement.

Feudal lords of Balochistan sometime exhibit extremely rude and jungle-like behavior even in the West.

Some staunch critics don’t care about the unity news much.  “Zero plus zero plus zero is equal to zero,” France-based Dr Ali Akbar Mengal, said. Dr Mengal believes nawabs and sardars are cancer of Baloch society.