RAW, NDS could have averted Nawab Bugti assassination; with friends like them Baloch don’t need any enemies

Had India and Afghanistan been sincere to Balochistan their itelligence services could have easily saved the life of a veteran Balochistan politician whose assassination in fall 2006 pushed Balochistan to a point of no return, according to new evidence.
In modern Baloch history one of the bravest men was tumandar (chief) of the more than half million strong Bugti tribe, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. A former governor and chief minister of Balochistan — fit to become the governor of any state in the US, in the words of late Bob Oakley US ambassador to Pakistan–, Bugti threw the gauntlet at the last military dictator and coup leader, Gen Pervez Musharraf.
Nawab Bugti knew his odds of winning against Pakistan army, the fourth largest army in the world, was zero and in the last months before his assassination he made phone calls to Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai but Karzai did not respond.
At the time former senior Indian intelligence official Benoy Khare, who followed these events on a regular and intimate basis, confirms that India had contacts with the Baloch separatists, Indian scholar Avinash Paliwal writes in his book My Enemy’s Enemy. According to the book, India had given (limited) protection to the sons and grandsons of most Baloch leaders, and Akbar Bugti was well known in variety of Indian circles. But still, India did not support the insurrection when the Pakistan army launched heavy counter-attacks. ‘We allowed them to do that [kill Bugti] … and didn’t say much’, Khare argues.

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