Hindu extremists drag Baloch activist in court over fake charges

The duo have brought fake and frivolous charges of harassment against this writer-activist, who rebukes their radical idea of not writing about a fanatical Hindu killer. The two, though being Indian nationals, infiltrated an American organization meant for highlighting human rights violations in France-sized Balochistan and at least one of them has been in constant touch with Delhi-based Indian spymaster Nagesh Bhushan.

The two Hindu nationalists are diehard supporters of India’s premier Narendra Modi who is called the “Butcher of Gujrat” for his role in the pogrom of Muslims in his home state Gujarat in 2002 and was banned from visiting US until his election as prime minister in 2014.

“Bharat Mata Ki Jai,” one of them Krishna Gudipati howled as he escorted Dr Subramanian Swamy the vocal proponent of “Love Jihad”—an Islamophobic philosophy that Muslim men make love with Hindu women just to promote the jihad goals– to the stage for an event on Sanskrit language in fall last year. The year earlier in fall 2016, Gudipati dressed in flowing white robe escorted Hindu spiritual leader Sadhdguru at the National Theatre as he did his rounds in Washington DC.

But turns out the BJP guy Gudipati, an advocate of “inner engineering” who works as senior mobile solutions architect for the Digital Media Incorporated and earns $10,000 a month, needs a lot of inner engineering himself: he beat up his wife Swapna Maddali on a dispute over a minor credit card bill, sending her to hospital in an ambulance, just a month before he was playing main host to Subramanian Swamy. Gudipati is still on probation for that assault.
The second guy, Soumya S. Chowdhury, had lied that an Afghan female activist has drinks and sleeps with him, though the female Habiba Ashna says she never met one on one with Soumya. However, during a chat she had said they had a pact that if neither of them get married in the next five years they will get married. The haughty Chowdhury had abused bronze star awardee Capt Dipesh Chatterjee and when he was asked to apologize to the US captain for abusing his pregnant wife, the Indian national abused this scribe.
Chowdhury, who works for the Monument Construction Corporation, has already been sacked by the American Friends of Balochistan (AFB) for his abusive behavior.
But what is the root cause of the issue? On December 6 when in Rajsamand town Rajasthan Hindu fanatic Shambulal Regar hacked to death Muslim laborer Afrazul, burned his body and made a video, this writer wrote an article to expose the dastardly killing. Both Gudipati and Chowdhury were miffed saying Hindus wont support the Baloch cause because of such writings.
Playing with US laws, the two lodged fake harassment charges and also criminal charges against this writer, though the Modi government they support is under UN scrutiny for failing to protect dissenting journalists.
“Dragging @mustikhan a writer and human rights activist into courts over fake charges by Indian citizens Krishna Gudipati & Soumya Chowdhury is highly condemnable. AFB requests the @IndianEmbassyUS to look in to this matter and resolve the issue,” AFB president Najeeb Khan, tweeted. Fake cases against @mustikhan filed by two Hindu extremists Gudipati & Soumya are pressure tactics to seize Ahmar’s right to free speech.”
The behavior of Modi supporters have raised concerns at even the United Nations Human Rights office. “The Office of the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner called on Indian authorities to protect journalist Rana Ayyub who has received death threats following an online hate campaign,” the Scroll.in reported.
“This harassment I have faced in the last few weeks is a new order of tyranny. I chose to write about this in the hope that it’ll be confronted and defeated,” Ayyub tweeted last week.
“For the past few years, like several female journalists critical of the Hindu nationalist politics and government, I have been targeted by an apparently coordinated social media campaign that slut-shames, deploys manipulated images with sexually explicit language, and threatens rape. Mr. Modi and several of his ministers embolden the virtual mob by following them on social media,” the journalist wrote in the New York Times.

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