German scholar says she too was slandered by ‘neech’ Indians

India is losing more and more of her friends in Balochistan and elsewhere because of the wrong policies of her premier spy service RAW and supporters of the Hindu nationalist BJP.

Claudia Waedlich, a German scholar and activist faced abused at the hands of right-wing Hindu nationalists in WhatAspp groups. “I was slandered and offended in two WhatsApp groups,” Waedlich said. She said one of the them called her a rat.

Aveek Sen, an Indian journalist close to the right wing government, told Waedlich, “You come across as very fake person.”

This abusive behavior appears to be quite common among pro-Modi Indians. Krishna Gudipati, who has not returned the twitter page of the American Friends of Balochistan despite many requests and is now being expelled from the AFB, called a Balochistan activist Najeeb Khan, who received ISI bullets, an “ISI agent.”

Yet another Modi supporter Soumya S. Chowdhury, who works for Monument Construction Company, abused the pregnant wife of Capt (rtd) Dipesh Chatterjee. Chowdhury defends militant violence in Balochistan by saying Mukti Bahini too killed the civilians in the former East Pakistan.

Waedlich, author of several books including the novel The Sunship (Das Sonnenschiff), has been quite vocal on the Balochistan issue at international forums including the Palace of Nations. Waedlich, who believes in getting Balochistan rights through peaceful means, says India has hijacked the Baloch movement for her state interests.

Indian spy service RAW earmarked $800 million for fomenting militant violence in Balochistan since early 2000s, but nearly half of the amount returned into the pockets of the corrupt high officials of RAW in Geneva, London and other Western capitals.

Indian support to militant violence is sometimes brazen. Recently a leader of the ruling BJP, Vijay Jolly, met with leaders of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), which uses the name Free Balochistan Movement in the West, in London.

But analysts question how BJP that has pushed 200 million Muslims to the wall in India can be a friend of the Baloch people. Secular leaders from Pakistan traditionally had warm and cordial relations with Congress.

Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyer had correctly pointed out at the vulgarity of the cheap mindset of the Hindu nationalists and called it “neech.” Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, who is also called the “Butcher of Gujarat” for his role in a massive pogrom that saw 2,000 people dead in 2002, does not have any college education and is bereft of intellect, according to an Indian working at a US think-tank.

At the time of the Muslim massacre in Gujrat, where Modi was then chief minister, the BJP chief Amit Shah was home minister.

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