Mustikhan gets Eddy Shah endorsement on journalism skills


One of the UK’s best known media tycoons, friend of Rupert Murdoch and close relative of Prince Karim Aga Khan IV has endorsed the journalism skills of the writer and publisher of Mustikhan’s Musings.

Eddy Shah is a UK celebrity who ended the unions on Fleet Street Street. Eddy Shah’s father, the late Muchool J. Shah, was close close family friend. Eddy Shah spoke to this scribe after his father’s demise. Muchool J. Shah was a man of sterling qualities, a breed that has almost vanished in Pakistan. In the 1990s when Muchool J. Shah who lived in Nova Scotia, was trying to sell his house he was highly disturbed over the ridiculous obstacles he faced and had remarked what kind of a country Pakistan is where a person could not even sell his own property.

Shah might have been the aga Khan instead of his cousin today as there was a dispute in the family over who would become the next Aga Khan 60 years ago but the dispute was later amicably resolved.

Shah, who mendorsed the journalism skills of this writer, is himself a prolific writer: writing has been a major part of Eddy Shah’s life since he was sixteen and in the 1990s he wrote four successful novels: Manchester Blue, Fallen Angels, The Lucy Ghosts and Ring of Red Roses.

Shah has led an interesting life. Born in 1944 in Cambridge, Eddy Shah was educated at Gordonstoun in Scotland, followed by Haywards Heath Grammar School and despite being thrown out of several schools along the way managed to get nine O levels. He didn’t go to University but his lifelong passion for books and reading started when he was very young and he’s been writing all his life. he was with his father living in Karachi but hated to leave the city according, to a deceased uncle of this writer who Eddy Shah knew quite well.

Others who have endorsed this scribe’s writing skills are Farahnaz Ispahani, author of Purifying the Land of the Pure; Brian Beary, author Separatist Movements: A Global Reference; John Dudley Miller, PhD, nuclear power, radiation risk, science and technology reporter; Professor William O. Beeman, chair department of anthropology, University of Minnesota; Joseph E. Fallon, Middle East/North Africa and Central/South Asia researcher and analyst and former Cultural Awareness Instructor for the U.S. Army Intelligence Center at Ft. Huachuca, AZ; Jackie Cohen, writer and editor; and Nuzhat Khatoon, reference librarian at the Library of Congress.

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