Good news for peace in South Asia: Pashtuns demand freedom in Islamabad




I love Pashtuns, more so after their rally Sunday in Islamabad in which they called for independence of Pashtunistan.

The uprising of Pashtuns, now being called the Pashtun spring, follows Islamabad’s devious plans to snatch the semi-autonomy of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. It has sent a wave of joy across the Pashtun diaspora globally.

The uprising also followed the staged encounter and execution-style of Naqeebullah, 27, a young man from the Mehsud tribe in Karachi on January 13. The Punjabi officer SSP Rao Anwar, who ordered the killing after arresting Naqeebullah, a budding Facebook star who used the screen name Apna Veer, from the Pashtun stronghold of Sohrab Goth, is now on the run.

Two others who were arrested along with Naqeebullah were freed by police after receiving bribes. Naqeebullah, however, was shot dead and police reported his death as an encounter.

Afghanistan intellectual, Majeed Qarar, who is cultural attache at the Afghan embassy appeared thrilled over the Pashtun awakening in Islamabad.  “For the 1st time after the cold war era, masses of Pashtuns in Pak raise the slogans of independence. This new uprising surge is led not by conventional politicians but by a new generation of youth from across Pashtunkhwa. The demonstrators called Pakistan a terrorist state,” Qarar tweeted.

Qarar’s colleague at the Afghan embassy, Haroon Hakimi, also tweeted about the historic march. “The censored voice of millions who have suffered from the brutal policies of Pak-PJB during decades is arising!1-A big NO to state spnsrd terrorism, fundamentalism & extremism by the innocent victims. 2-A great move for protecting fundamental Rights inside.1/2 #PakhtunLongMarch,” Hakimi, who is himself a Pashtun nationalist like Qarar said, adding “3- Awakening of tens of millions of Pashtuns to change their status from a stateless to an equal citizen level. 4- an important step for weakening the violence and bringing peace to both sides of the Durand Line and the region. The World should support it. 2/2 #PakhtunLongMarch.”

But even as the Pashtuns staged a ground breaking rally in Islamabad, the bad boys of the Aabpara headquarters were busy working overtime. Idrees Wazir, son of one of the main leaders at the protest in Islamabad was gunned down in Dera Ismail Khan and his brother wounded. The crooks were trying to pit one Pashtun tribe against another by saying Idrees Wazir was killed by the Mehsuds at a time of unprecedented Pashtun unity.

The Islamabad rally brought together Pashtuns from all shades of opinion, both left and right, who raised slogans that Pakistan was a terrorist state. Even fake Pashtun Imran Khan party was also also present.

Though Pakistan has always projected Pashtuns as semi-civilized brutes and Islamist suicide bombers, they are pretty civilized people who show lot of tolerance for one another. This writer was surprised that two Pashtun students, one who supported Kabul and the other Islamabad, had heated arguments over politics but still remained close friends. Had such arguments taken place between two Baloch, they would not have talked with another for the rest of their lives.


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