‘Baloch Gandhi’ thankful to Modi, says operation of grandson a 100 pc success

Mama Qadeer, 77, the legendary Baloch human rights defender who walked six times more miles than Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt March for freedom of Baloch victims of enforced disappearances, has expressed his gratitude to the Modi government and has said his ailing grandson Beuragh Reki heart operation was 100 percent successful.

Renowned Indian pediatric surgeon Dr Rajesh Sharma operated upon Beuragh Reki, who was born with a hole in his heart, at the state of the art Jaypee Noida hospital in Delhi. The boy is now hale and hearty in Mother India.

“Beuragh loves Indian movies and prank video of Youtube and he also likes PM Narendra Modi, he told me.He loves to eat kofta of Delhi and he likes cartoon too much. He is very intelligent and sometimes talk about Balochistan,” Rajan Bhardwaj, a student of Nilamber Pitamber University who has been giving company to Mama Qadeer and Beuragh, told Mustikhan’s Musings on WhatsApp.

The Baloch human rights defender and his grandson had arrived in India on January 12.

Talking to this correspondent Saturday from New Delhi Mama Qadeer, who along with a group of activists, who along with a group of women and children walked 1400 miles first from Quetta, capital of France-sized Balochistan, and then from Karachi to Islamabad, said he has been well respected and made to feel at home in Delhi.

He said many devout Hindus have great love and regards for Baloch as they belong to the land of one of the holiest Hindu pilgrim sites, Hinglaj Mata Sakhtipeet.
“Here near Delhi there is Bilochpura where 8,000 baloch who still speak the Balochi language,” Mama Qadeer said. He said Beuragh was also very happy in India.

Rajan Bhardwaj, a young Hindu originally from Aurangabad, Bihar, who now lives in Delhi, quoted Mama Qadeer as saying, “People always ask me about the situation of Balochistan and how India can help us.”

Bhardwaj said Mama Qadeer despite being in late 70s, walks like a young man.”He is very spiritual and likes to talk about Buddha and culture of India. He wants to read more and more, that’s why he requested books on Ashoka–the Great and Mahatma Gandhi.He doesn’t want to sit idle,” said Bhardwaj. I think he is very courageous and practical in nature.”

Generally speaking, Indian people are very supportive and by nature very talkative.

Mama Qadeer who had visited the USA two years ago, told the Mustikhan’s Musings things could not pan out for him in the US as his patron refused to support him simply because he was in communications with all Baloch political parties and activists. He said he tried to convince Hyrbyair Marri that as a senior human rights activists he has to remain in touch with Baloch political workers and activists from different parties, but Marri said no, my way or highway. “I was left with no option but to return to Pakistan after four months,” he said.
Mama Qadeer said exiled tribal supremo the Khan of Kalat, Mir Suleman Daud tried to talk and persuade Marri to change his stance but could not succeed.

Mama Qadeer said Pakistani agencies were accusing him of recruiting youths to send to the mountains to partake in the revolutionary war for the liberation of Balochistan, but he asked them to show any proof. Mama Qadeer also played a heroic role during the last rites of Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri when Pakistani agencies were trying to make the event look like religious, than political. But Mama Qadeer and his supporters prevented that.

Baloch feudal lords are extremely opportunistic and jealous of one another, one reason why Balochistan is still under the colonial rule of Pakistan. These feudal lords discourage their supporters from meeting other Baloch workers.

Mama Qadeer is the father of Jalil Reki, who belonged to the Baloch Republican Party, which is led by Geneva-based Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti. Reki, 23, who was information secretary of the BRP, was abducted from outside his home on February 13, 2009 and his bullet riddled body was found dumped alongside the body of another Baloch activist Mohammed Younus in Turbat November 22, 2011 alongside. In most resistance movements, the next of kin of a martyr is looked after by the political party he belonged to, but in Balochistan’s case such systems are not in place.

Mama Qadeer also regretted the role of a a guy from Iran, for creating a rift with his longtime comrade in the struggle for the freedom of Balochistan, Farzana Majeed. Farzana Majeed’s brother Zakir Majeed was abducted June 9, 2009 and none knows what happened to him

Recently, Mama Qadeer debunked the Pakistan story on the capture of alleged Indian spy Kulbushan Jadhav and said the Jaishul Adal had kidnapped Jadhav from Chahbahar and sold him to the infamous ISI for millions. After his statement on the issue, it is quite clear that he will surely not be spared by the Pakistani agencies upon his return to Pakistan, though he and Beuragh were under their threat for years.

Hindu youth Bhardwaj said he doesn’t know much how to get Indian citizenship for Mama Qadeer. “If someone lives here for 7 years then he is granted Indian citizenship according to law but asylum is granted by the government,” Bhardwaj said.

A plea to that effect has emanated from the United States. Captain (Rtd) Dipesh Chatterjee, an Indian American and congressional affairs director of the American Friends of Balochistan (AFB), urged the Indian government to give refuge to Mama Qadeer.

“Mama Qadeer is known as the Mahatma Gandhi of Balochistan. The world needs to preserve human rights champions like him,” said Captain (Rtd) Chatterjee, a veteran of the Afghan war who saw ISI backing of Taliban in combat. “India, the world’s largest democracy is a champion of peace keeping for the world. As a shining example of global peace and stability, I humbly request the Indian government to continue to provide refuge and safety to Mama Qadeer. Namaste.”

Mama Qadeer & Beuragh Reki-- Baluch Sarmachar
Mama Qadeer and his grandson Beuragh Reki, when his son was Jalil Reki was in torture cell of Pakistan army. Also family members of other victims of enforced disappearances are seen here.

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