No justice for Pak Christians, laments Nazir Bhatti, as killer of boy walks free

Sharoon Masih-- Picture courtesy World Watch Monitor
Sharoon Masih, 17, a Christian student who was beaten to death by a Muslim student Ahmed Raza for drinking water from a fountain meant for Muslims.

The leader of a Pakistani Christian organization in the US has lashed out at Pakistan after a court released the killer of a 17 year old Christian boy on the ruse of gaps in police investigations.

Sharoon Masih, 17,was bludgeoned to death Aug. 27, 2017 by a Punjabi Muslim student Ahmed Raza for drinking water from a glass used by Muslim students in Vehari District, Punjab–the stronghold of Pakistan army. Muslims, especially in Punjab, consider Christians “unclean” and use all kinds of epithets against them like bhangee and choora, which mean filthy.

“Life of minorities have no value in Pakistan. Muslim judges never ensure justice for them,” said Pakistan Christian Congress president Dr Nazir Bhatti. “”Killers of Christians and rapists of their women walk free on Pakistan streets as we have seen in the Sharoon Masih case.”

Dr Bhatti said the Deep State in Pakistan and their stooges in the judiciary are in cahoots to create a situation of scare and insecurity for the religious minorities.

According to the Christian Headlines, the order by the Punjabi Muslim judge Sardar Muhammad Sarfraz Dogar ruled that the “post-mortem report of deceased Sharoon has opined that there is no sign of physical injury or trauma seen on the body of the deceased, meaning thereby there is clear contradiction between the ocular and medical account. At this stage it is hard to determine that whether the death of the deceased occurred through any beat [sic] of the petitioner.”
Doctors who conducted  the post-mortem seem to have doctored the report by writing that there were no torture marks on the victim’s body. By stating that the cause of Sharoon’s death was “uncertain,” the medical officer gave the court reason to give the accused benefit of the doubt.

“The post-mortem report states that there were no torture marks on the deceased’s body, therefore the defense claimed that Sharoon had not died of the beating,” the Christian Headlines cited prosecuting attorney Allah Dad Khan as saying. “It’s quite clear that the police and the medical officer deliberately left gaps in the FIR and the post-mortem report to benefit the accused in the trial.”

Khan told the Christian Headlines that he had presented various media reports in court stating that the accused was trained in karate and had the ability to level fatal blows. The court rejected the arguments on grounds that media reports were not admissible.

The World watch Monitor reported Irfan Masih died on 1 June last year, in Umar Kot Civil Hospital, Sindh, 300 kilometers from Karachi. Umar Kot has about 75 Christian families; almost all of them work as sanitary workers, a job that many Muslims refuse to do.

Pakistan is one of the worst countries in the world for religious minorities. A Christian women Aasia Bibi has been sentenced to death on a case of blasphemy after she had landed into an argument with Muslim field workers. She too had committed the cardinal sin of drinking water from a jug meant for Muslims.

However, in spite of being an Islamic republic, where a non-Muslim cannot become the head of state or head of government, Pakistan relies heavily on Christian taxpayers aid monies.

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