Free Balochistan ads good, but real work is UN must take up war crimes issue

When Pakistan generals pinkies burn, people who suffer from their terror smile. But the world, specially India and US, need to take concrete action to end terrorism rather than just fingering them.

This was my thoughts on Free Balochistan adverts on cabs, trucks and the bill board at the Times Square and before that in Geneva and London.

The adverts were a welcome step as many Americans and Westerners, even the well educated ones had never heard about Balochistan and the gravity of the tsunami of human rights violations there. There was a concert at Times Square on New Year’s eve that watched by a billion people on television and many of viewers must have noticed the advert behind the stage. That said there is a flip side to such ads.

It is unfortunate that the Baloch have to pay out of pocket for grabbing the attention of the world to Pakistan crimes against humanity and war crimes, slow motion genocide and ethnic cleansing which have accelerated in the backdrop of the $62 billion so-called China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which aims at snatching Gwadar Port from the people of Balochistan.

The ongoing atrocities in Balochistan should be a matter that the UN which is housed in New York should take up as a burning issue. Likewise the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch should be addressing the situation in Balochistan and make the world aware about it.

Democracies of the world should open their lips on Balochistan to ask Pakistan this is not acceptable and in fact step in to play their role politically, militarily and diplomatically under the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) clause of the new set of international laws. In a way these adverts commercialize the gravity of the situation when the mountains of Balochistan have been painted red by the blood of 35,000 Baloch patriots, 21,000 became victims of enforced disappearances and as many as 6,000 were either killed and dumped or buried in mass graves . But nonetheless something is better than nothing.

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