Thanks Dainik Jagran: If you scratch my skin, you will find blood of Indian Hindu!

Monday I wrote to a dear friend in India: “Namaskar, Indians love me for saying Bharat Mata Ki Jai. I am Indian for I was born Baloch in Burma, raised in Cluster Fuckistan (Pakistan), now an American but if you scratch my skin you will find blood of an Indian Hindu. May I breathe my last breath in Varanasi.”

My well wisher had advised me that instead of mentioning India and Israel, when I solicit public support I should strictly focus on Balochistan. And I am grateful to Daily Jagran, the world’s largest circulation newspaper, for printing my tweet as news.

I have already willed to my friends that once I am dead kindly follow Hindu rites as a mark of respect for 100 millions Hindus were killed over eight centuries by foreign invaders. I am also indebted to Bharat Mata as Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the first leader of a a major democracy to openly express solidarity with the people of Balochistan.

Again last night, I had been talking to a group of Hindu American friends and I told them very frankly, “Not to flatter you, but had it not been for India and Hindus, I would have long said Quaid-i-Azam zindabad, Madar-i-Millat (Fatima Jinnah) zindabad.” Quaid-i-Azam, or Leader of the World, is the title of Pakistan’s “father of the nation” Mohammed Ali Jinnah, while Madar-i-Millat, which means Mother of the Nation is the title of his sister Fatima Jinnah. The very fact that Pakistan’s father and mother of the nation were brother and sister, have forced to call Pakistan an illegitimate nation. Pakistan’s real founder was Lord Mountbatten, an uncle of Prince Philip, however.

Last fall, I addressed an event “Hindu Unity through Samskritam Revival” in Washington DC area, where speaking as an American Baloch i said, “We were one, and we are one. I am here today as a son of Hinglaj Mata.” The event was addressed by France-sized Balochistan is the land of the Hinglaj Mata Sakhtipeet– one of the most revered Hindu pilgrim sites. Let alone the vast mineral resources and huge deposits of fossil fuel, Balochistan will be economically sound if Hindu pilgrims could visit the site without restrictions, year around.

“I have a vision as a writer and as a poet, I see the Indian child holding the hand of the Baloch child and singing Vande Matram and singing Balochistan sabz baat on the port of Gwadar,” I told the Sanskrit meeting.

@JagranNews-- Picture courtesty Rajan Bhardwaj
News about my tweet in Dainak Jagran

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