Punjabi Muslim Brotherhood goons attack Pashtun, Baloch pupil at varsity

A party in in Balochistan that has lost scores of its leaders and cadres to Pakistan’s kill and dump policy has condemned the brutal attack on Pashtun and Baloch students by a student wing of the Muslim brotherhood of Pakistan.

The Baloch National Movement in a statement Monday said Baloch and Pashtun students were attacked by Pakistan’s Muslim Brotherhood Jama’at-i-Islami’s student wing Islami Jamiat Tulaba (IJT) at the Punjab University, Lahore.

The central spokesperson for the BNM recalled that Jama’at-i-Islami created Al-Shams and Al-Badr in Bangladesh and committed war crimes against Bengalis during the Bangladesh war of liberation and their leaders are facing the wrath of the Bengali people today as they are being sentenced to death almost half century later. The BNM siad Jama’at-i-Islami “is working as a proxy of Pakistan Army to repeat in Balochistan what it did in Bangladesh, and there fate will also be no different from (what is happening to them in) Bangladesh.”

He said students of Balochistan are forced to move to Sindh, Islamabad and Punjab because of the pathetic condition of education in Balochistan. He added that two months earlier the Baloch students in Islamabad were suspended which forced them to sit in hunger strike till death for 25 days but the Pakistani establishment remained unmoved.

Talking about the Pashtun leadership, the BNM regretted, “In the incident at Punjab University Monday, Pashtun students were targeted along with Baloch students. Unfortunately, the Pashtun leadership failed to notice this. Historical facts suggest Pashtun must be unite against the Pakistani occupation as well and try to liberate their nation from  the clutches of Pakistani occupation.”

The Central spokesman said that the abduction of Sagheer Baloch from Karachi University canteen and abduction of Atta Nawaz and Hassam Baloch at the hands of Sindh Rangers are all chains of the same state oppression on baloch youths and students. Similarly Karachi University student Mumtaz Sajidi, was abducted along with his brother and friend, later released after three days of torture. All these incidents occurred within spin of two months. This is a policy to keep away Baloch nation from education to perpetrate colonialism

The central spokesman regretted that Punjabis of Lahore silently watched the brutal beatings by the Islamists. The spokesman said just like in Bangladesh the media too is a silent accomplice of the dark forces.

BNM founder Ghulam Mohammed Baloch and his deputy Lala Munir, along with Sher Mohammed Baloch of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP), were abducted from their lawyer Kachkol Ali Advocate chamber by the Pakistani intelligence services April 2009 and a few days later their bodies were badly mutilated bodies were dumped. As Ali Advocate sought justice for his clients, he too faced a threat o his life and fled to the safety of Oslo, Norway, along with his family.

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