Dear Bernard-Henri Levy: Help free Balochistan as part of ‘tikkun olam’

Great to know your kind sir, Bernard-Henri Levi, will be at the Edlavitch Jewish District of Columbia Jewich Community Center for screening of your two new documentaries Peshmarga and The Battle of Mosul.

As I write these lines, my eyes are wet as reports continue to flow about Pakistan security services abducting Baloch folks, who are asking for independence, for France-sized Balochstan in southwest Asia. Most of these cases go unnoticed as Pakistani media is a silent accomplice to the Deep State crimes against humanity in Balochistan. Let alone the Baloch people of Balochistan who don’t call themselves Pakistanis, this Deep State does not even respect popular mandate nor the supremacy of parliament as the dismissal of premier Nawaz Sharif showed recently.

I first came to know about your works when I read your insightful work “Who Killed Danierl Pearl?” In fact, before your book was published I had written an article with the same headline in which I held the same argument that all the circumstantial evidence suggest that Danny was killed by the infamous spy service Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

I had informed American readers, through another article: the ISI guys are called “angels,” sarcastically, in Pakistan, because they indulge in dirty acts but come out clean in the end. They play the keystrokes, albeit discreetly, in politics, both domestic and regional, as well as international – as recent events have proved. An invisible government – a state within a state – if one may. They have traditionally worked as the eyes and ears for the Pakistan army – the world’s fifth largest army which was 15 years ago the seventh largest army. They are one of the world’s most dreaded secret service: Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan, more infamous by its acronym ISI.

I feel good this is what I wrote 15 years back, “Successfully convincing the entire world they have no idea where bin Laden and Mullah Omar have gone, much before ISI’s genesis and rise into prominence during the Afghan war in the 1980s, under orders from top soldiers, Pakistan spooks have had a long history of political assassinations and executions. Thousands of skeletons line their cupboards. It’s almost an open secret, none dare to speak about in Pakistan.”

What else could be said when the despicable Pakistan coup leader and military dictator Gen Pervez Musharraf openly said Danny had ventured into “gray area.” Gen Musharraf, as you know is a villain of history who launched a misadventure against pakistan’s peaceful neighbor India in Kargil, killed Balochistan leader Nawab Akbar Bugti and assassinated former Pakistan premier Benazir Bhutto. the despicable recently in an interview said on record that ISI should bump off exiled baloch leaders and activists, like myself.

The Pakistan army, Inter Services Intelligence, Military Intelligence and Frontier Corps have turned the beautiful and exotic mountains of Balochistan red with with the blood of the best sons of Balochistan. The number of Baloch patriots killed by the army in Balochistan since the armed rebellion against the British created state, artificially inseminated by Lord Mountbatten, viceroy of India, Duke of Edinburgh and uncle of Prince Philip, 70 years ago is at least 35,000. If you count the number of dead in the last four armed uprisings against Islamabad’s colonial rule began March 28, 1948, the figure would easily cross 100,000 but not many in France, Europe and North America know about Baloch and Balochistan. The same army officer who later became major general Akbar Khan who forced Balochistan’s ruler Khan of Kalat Mir Ahmadyar Khan to sign the Instruments of Accession with Pakistan, was the one who had spear headed the Operation  Gul Marg in Kashmir, a cradle of Hindu and Buddhist civilization.

It is shocking to know that Pakistan army conceptualized Operation Gul Marg when it was still headed by a British knighted general, Sir Frank Messervy  and again by a British knighted general, Sir Douglas Gracey, when Balochistan was merged with Pakistan. General  was appointed as the first Army Commander-in-Chief of the new Pakistan Army. Both Baloch and Kashmiris are to this day, seven decades later suffering at the hands of the very same soldiers. Balochistan is the world capital of enforced disappearances, where according to voice for Baloch Missing Persons 6,000 baloch were buried in mass graves and as many as 21,000 Baloch are victims of enforced disappearances.

Who Killed Daniel Pearl?

The disappeared include scores of women and young boys and there are legitimate concerns that Pakistan army is subjecting them to sexual slavery, including sodomy. This is a worst form of war crimes. Other crimes against humanity is aerial bombardment on civilians, burning down homes and villages, looting property and destroying means of livelihood. Frustrated by these barbaric actions and brutalities, and with little international support, at times Baloch militants too have violated the Laws of War, which I have personally condemned.

On top of the forced occupation of Balochistan, Pakistan army conducted nuclear tests in Balochistan May 28, 1998. What was most dangerous was the army generals raised the Allahu Akbar slogan as the beautiful Ras Koh mountains of Balochistan were turned into lifeless white– in tune with the harm the white men from White Hall did to Balochistan. Baloch like myself were weeping on that day but Pakistan Islamists took to the streets with replica of nuclear missiles inscribed with the names of their targets: US, India and Israel. Just like that dirty little boy of North Korea, Pakistan generals have repeatedly threatened to launch a first strike on India.

Had Pakistan been a secular and democratic nation like neighboring India, the Baloch might have made a deal of a bad bargain as they always tried to. But the state of Pakistan is a army and ISI-run kleptocracy, notorious for killing prime minister and politicians where army generals to this day call the shots. Pakistan society still seems to be in the Dark Ages as minor Hindu and Christian girls are forcefully abducted, converted to Islam and married to men older than their grandfathers. Christians are killed for drinking water from the same outlet like Muslims and even born Muslims who become free thinkers are lynched and mercilessly killed by jihadi crowds as we saw in the case of Mashal Khan, on April 13 at a university dorm. the killers allegedly belonged to the pary of Imran Khan, former spouse of London-based Jewish socialite and humanist Jemima Khan.

My heart also goes out to the most cultured, highly educated and civilized Kashmir Pandits observed 29th year of their forced exile which began  January 19, 1990. Houses of these Pandits were gutted, their business occupied and the Islamists, backed by the ISI, went on announcing on loudspeakers in Kashmir towns and villages to either convert to Islam or get slaughtered. This was what happened during Muslim invasions of India spread over eight centuries when 100 million best sons and daughters preferred to die rather than convert.

What Pakistan is doing in Afghanistan you know better than I do as you covered Afghanistan as a journalist nearly four decades agao and were a close friend of Tiger of Panjsher, Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was killed by the ISI.  So I wont take your time, other than saying Pakistan army and ISI is hell bent on bringing down the state of Afghanistan.

Founded on the basis of Hindu bigotry, Pakistan as you might be knowing is a fake name coined by a Cambridge University student Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, unlike all other istans–Kuridstan, Afghanistan and Balochistan. As the world tries to grapple with rise of islamic militancy, tens of thousands of children in religious seminaries all over Pakistan are being thought that Jews and Hindus and Christians are enemies of Islam, cowards and deserve nothing but death.

It is imperative for France, where I am told everyone listens to what you have to say, and Europe to fulfill their responsibility to protect in Balochistan. Kindly help the Baloch people the whole nine yards by becoming a voice for their freedom in Europe and all over the world as part of the Jewish missionary teaching of tikkun olam, or spreading light. Please do whatever you can to help the Baloch; militarily, politically and diplomatically.

So that you may know, I am shy to write this because but when I told this to a Jewish lady, a highly liberal multimillionaire, I have highest respects for the Jewish people she curtly replied, “I don’t care.” As Jews are a people of who suffered immensely throughout history,  I am sure Baloch and Jews are natural allies. I cant claim Baloch are liberals, as feudal lords despite being secular hide their females much like Islamists, but I sure am a liberal in my  as you can see this from my picture with a Jewish gay guy here in Washington DC.

GLOE-- Picture Ahmar Mustikhan
The author with a member of the GLOE (GLBT Outreach and Engagement, a program of the Edlavicth) during the gay parade in Washington DC 2015.

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