Pakistan army abducts another Baloch boy, 9, who maybe used as sex slave

As Islamabad continues with its secret dirty war in Balochistan, yet another minor Baloch boy was abducted by the Pakistan army soldiers Saturday in Kech district amid fears the child may be brutally sodomized.

“Yesterday Pakistan security forces abducted Hatim Nazeer and Jameel Mehbullah from Sarí Kallag village during ongoing offensives in Gwarkop area in Kech district. Save them,” a Baloch activist based in Canada, Lateef Johar, tweeted.

Aftab Younis -- Picture courtesy Hakkpaan
Aftab Younis, son of Mohammed Younis, was abducted by the security forces in a raid on the home of Haq Nawaz Baloch, secretary information for the Baloch Human rights Organization.

Pakistan security forces have abducted scores of Baloch teenagers, and there is a strong likelihood they are being sodomized by Pakistan soldiers. Pakistan has routinely used sodomy as a weapon against Baloch demanding freedom.

“Pakistan is enjoying impunity on all kinds of barbarism, including sex slavery of Baloch womenfolk and boys,” former Balochistan fisheries minister Kachkol Ali Advocate, who lives in exile in Oslo, said Sunday. “Circumstantial evidences corroborate the charge Pakistan security forces are committing sodomy also.”

The former minister, who was also opposition leader in Balochistan assembly, compared Pakistan army atrocities in Balochistan to the ISIS treatment of Yazidi women. Pakistan security forces brainwash the soldiers that Baloch are apostates for revolting against the Islamic republic and anyone killing them would get 72 virgin angels and 27 peach bottomed in heaven for eternal play.

Ali Advocate said, “The state of Pakistan is aggravating and exacerbating her atrocities in ruthless manner, making a mockery of  the Geneva Conventions against victimizing children, women and noncombatant as such actions violate the principles of customary international laws.”

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The US actions against Pakistan has so far remained insufficient given the fact that Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorists. “Unfortunately US has not specifically come forward to  support Baloch,” Ali Advocate regrets. He hoped US will do more as Gwadar is the focal point, strategically and economically, by virtue of its location.

Sodomy on young boys in Waziristan from where Pakistan draws its troops for the Frontier Corps, the paramilitary force policing Balochistan, is quite common. The problem is also endemic in rural areas of Afghanistan where it is called bacha baazi, according to media reports.

Pakistan army soldiers have earned ill-repute even when posted as peace-keepers in foreign countries. In one case in Haiti, two Pakistan army officers were court martialed for sodomizing a 12 year old mentally deranged boy. According to media reports, Pakistani soldiers have faced such charges since 2005. Scores of Baloch minor boys, who are not militants, have been abducted by Pakistan army from Balochistan and their whereabouts remain unknown.

Fida Bashir-- Picture courtesy Baloch Warna
Fida Bashir, resident of Sari Gaddagi, Balgatar in District Kech was abducted by Pakistan security forces from Turbat, District Kech, Balochistan, on December 18, 2017. The victim is feared to be used as sex slaves by Pakistan jihadi soldiers.

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