Baloch unity must, but feudals must respect the commoners first

My message of Baloch unity when Brahumdagh Bugti, Geneva-based president of the Baloch Republican Party, called a meeting of five brothers in law in November, most of them heads of militant organizations.

The meeting was aborted as one of the participants Mehran Marri, a Briton who is the present chief of the Marri tribe was arrested and deported from Zurich. The Swiss also clamped a lifetime ban on Mr Marri’s entry into Switzerland, which he had been visiting for 17 years.

The Swiss authorities in a charge-sheet alleged since Mehran Marri was the alleged head of the militant United Baluch Army his meeting with Brahumdagh Bugti, the alleged head of the Baloch Republican Army will create security implications.

few days later, the Swiss authorities denied te seven year old asylum petition of Mr Bugti on a charge they believe he heads the BRA.

Bugti and Marri are brother’s in law. Others who were expected at the meeting were Mr. Marri’s estranged elder brother Hyrbyair Marri, the Marris’ brother in law Mir Javed Mengal, head of the World Baloch Organization and alleged head of the Lashkar-i-Balochistan, and Mr Bugti’s brother-in-law Mir Bakhtiar Domki.

The lone commoner at the meeting was Hammal Haider, who belongs to the Baloch National Movement, alleged political arm of the Balochistan Liberation front (BLF).  All these leaders deny links with militancy and this writer will like to believe their story, but it seems like the western governments like the Swiss do believe they are involved with militancy.

Unfortunately, activists who have spent their lifetime for the fight for Baloch emancipation–some of them challenging the Pakistan military even before the host Mr Bugti was born– were not invited.

Likewise, those who were left out of the aborted meeting  included tribal supremo Khan of Kalat, Mr Suleman Daud– the most blue-blooded among all chieftains–, and close friend of Rep Dana Rohrabacher.  Name of a most popular moderate leader who believes in democratic, former chief minister and head of the Balochistan National Party, Sardar Akhtar Mengal and his able deputy, scholar and orator Senator Sanaullah Baloch were not invited.

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