Mama Qadeer’s grandson admitted at Jaypee Noida hospital for heart surgery

Beuragh Reki-- twitter/ Mohammed Ali Talur
Beauragh reki, son of Jalil Reki, who was abducted by the Pakistan secret services and his bullet body dumped two and half years later. He his now being treated at the Jaypee Noida hospital

Mama Qadeer, a legendary Baloch human rights defender who traveled thousands of miles in Pakistan to seek justice for what he says are 21,000 victims of enforced disappearances has reached India.

Mama Qadeer has gone to India for the heart surgery of his 10 and half years old grandson, Beauragh Reki. His grandson is being treated at the Jaypee Noida Hospital. the hospital is one of the top multi-specialty hospitals in NOIDA & the flagship of Jaypee Group in India

Mama Qadeer is father of Jalil Reki, who was the information secretary of Baloch Republican Party, which is led by Geneva-based Brahumdagh Bugti. Reki was abducted by the Pakistani intelligence services and paramilitary Frontier Corps on February 13, 2009 at the age of of 23.

Mama Qadeer took  his grandson four and a half year old grandson’s hand and took him to see his father’s mutilated bullet-riddled body and told him who had killed his father and why after lying the boy for two and half years since his dad’s abduction, one of few brave journalists in Pakistan, Mohammed Hanif, formerly of BBC, reported.

In an epic walk, Mama Qadeer along with a group of women and children walked from Quetta to Karachi 450 miles and then from Karachi to Islamabad 920 miles. He was accompanied in those walks by Farzana Majeed, whose brother Zakir Majeed was also abducted by the ISI but his whereabouts are unknown.


Mama Qadder and Farzana Majeed, who had walked alongside the septuagenarian Baloch activist, became very close comrades during their struggles on a daily  basis for victims of enforced disappearances. However, Mama Qadeer returned to Pakistan but Majeed sought US asylum and now lives in Washington DC.

Two years ago, in a Youtube message Mama Qadeer said doyen of Baloch militant nationalism the late Nawab Khair Bakhs Marri had confided to him that his son Hyrbyair Marri, alleged chief of the Baloch Liberation army, had killed the other son, Balach Marri in 2007.

Mama Qadeer was never fully supported by rich Baloch feudal lords in his struggle, even though he lost his son and has crusaded for victims of enforced disappearances or years.

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