ISI uses Prof Zafar Arif’s wife, daughter to claim he died of natural cause

Pakistan’s infamous Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agency that lied to the world that they had no clue about the presence of Osama bin Laden, while sheltering him near their country’s West Point in Abbottabad, are now using his wife and daughter to say a prominent Karachi scholar and MQM-London leader died of natural causes.

“My father, Dr. Zafar-Arif, died on Sunday the 14th of January of what all evidence points to as being a heart attack,” Shehrazade-Zafar Arif, daughter of Professor  Hassan Zafar Arif said in a post on the Facebook that was widely covered by the Pakistan media, who most play second fiddle to the country’s omnipotent army generals. The murdered professor was an alumnus of the University of Reading and Harvard University.

Professor Zafar Arif, a lifelong champion for the rule of law and democracy in Pakistan, had joined the most popular Mohajir organization after the Deep State launched a brutal crackdown on Mohajirs in Karachi, once again, after Altaf Husain blamed Pakistan army for all the woes of the ill-designed country about 17 months back. A day after he went missing, his bludgeoned body was found in the backseat of his Mitsubishi lancer.

Immediately after his death, the ISI allegedly used his widow Ghazala Arif to make a call to London to cuss the exiled leader of millions of Indian Muslims called Mohajirs who migrated to urban areas of Sindh after the British designed partition holocaust. She blamed him for causing the death of her husband at the hands of the Pakistan agencies.

Though the mother attacked the MQM-London chief, Sheherazade Zafar-Arif,  without naming it, accused the MQM-London party of posting, “photo-shopped images of his body (and heavily edited videos – yes, videos can be edited, technology is amazing) on social media.”

In the US, just a day after the killing of Professor Zafar Arif, leaders of the MQM-London launched the Free Karachi Campaign in Washington DC by placing adverts on the yellow cabs and an SUV. The number of cabs carrying the adverts is expected to rise to hundreds by this weekend. These cabs took part in the Martin Luther King Day celebrations in Washington DC.

Altaf Husain fled Karachi in 1992 to avoid a certain death at the hands of the ISI and during a speech in India had called the partition of India in 1947 as the worst blunder in human history. The Deep State got furious with the MQM-London chief after he cussed the army generals during a telephonic speech from London.

MQM-London offices in Karachi were raided and its scores of its activists disappeared, as the army and intelligence worked to split the main voice for the Mohajirs into two more factions, both led by former mayors of Karachi, Kamal Mustafa and Farooq Sattar. However, independent sources overwhelming majority of the Mohajirs remain committed to the London-based Altaf Husain, whom they call “Pir Sahib” (Saint),Quaid-i-Tehrik (Leader of the Movement) for freedom and justice for Mohajirs, who played a key role in the creation of Pakistan.

At a protest meeting in Karachi organized by the civil society organizations, barely 300 people showed up as if the party is over. However, Altaf Husain has instructed the MQM-London activists to underground and lay low until he gives a call.

“When elections are held in May, MQM-London will again sweep the elections, as Altaf Husain ules ofver the hearts of Mohajirs. There is no way any rival factions can challenge his popular standing,” sa social and political activist, who attended the protest meeting against the killing of Professor Zafar Arif, said on condition of anonymity.

The MQM-London says 20,000 Mohajirs have been killed by Pakistan army since an operation was laucnhed against them in 1992. The MQM activists have been privately urging India to come to their help, even though urban guerrillas of the organization are capable of taking on the army in Karachi. “Under international law, Indian tanks can roll into Karachi under the Liaquat-Nehru pact,” says Dr Nazir Bhatti, president of the Pakistan Christian Congress.

Some months ago, Altaf Husain was seen standing in front of a Pakistan map in London with exiled Baloch tribal leader the Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud and his best friend Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican who firm believer that balkanizing Pakistan is in the best interest of the US and the free world.

Likewise one of the main militant leaders on the ground, Balochistan Liberation Front chief Dr Allah Nazar expressed solidarity with MQM-London and through a tweet condemned the killing of Professor Zafar Arif. “The Army is wiping out the cream of the people considered adversaries of the Pakistani state. Not even sparing those who played a pivotal role in its creation and contributed to sustain it,” Dr Nazar said in a tweet some where from the rugged mountains of France-sized Balochistan.

Thousands of Baloch say they are willing to fully embrace the Mohajirs once they throw the gauntlet at the Pakistan army, world’s largest Muslim army with nearly 620,000 soldiers. The MQM-London apparently now believes the time has come for Mohajirs freedom as the Free Karachi Campaign in Washington DC shows.

Professor Zafar Arif has left behind quite a few politicians to mourn his death. Among them are Berne-based Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, president of the United Kashmir People’s National party, who strongly condemned the brutal killing. Another of his students is Senator Mir Hasil Bizenjo, who is president of the National Party and also Pakistan’s port and shipping minister, who has mysteriously kept mum.

Here is the full text of Shehrazade Zafar-Arif that e posted on the social media:
I don’t normally like to publicize my personal life on social media but unfortunately what should’ve been a private tragedy has become a public spectacle and for this reason I feel that certain things need to be publicized in order for the world to know the truth.

My father, Dr. Zafar-Arif, died on Sunday the 14th of January of what all evidence points to as being a heart attack. The media is portraying his death as a brutal murder and some are, disgracefully, putting up photo-shopped images of his body (and heavily edited videos – yes, videos can be edited, technology is amazing) on social media with claims that he was tortured. I don’t think I need to point out how disrespectful this is towards his memory and his family, not to mention dishonest and unethical. Certain people are trying to exploit his death for their own political agenda, while others are, out of a sense of love and admiration for him, trying to seek justice for what they believe to be a crime.

I never thought I would have to speak in such detail about my own father’s death, but the circumstances have left me no choice. We his family examined his body thoroughly as soon as we were brought on the scene, and we have been shown pictures of his body taken by the police immediately once they discovered it. There is not a single mark on him, and no indication whatsoever that he was tortured or that his death was unnatural. The few spots of blood under his nose are not suspicious – I’ve been told that after death the body does not clot blood properly and so nosebleeds are common. The circumstances under which he was found are not as dramatic or suspicious as the media wishes you to believe – he was missing for one night, his car was found in an area he was known to frequent, and his mobile phones were likely stolen through the rolled down windows of the car by members of the general public who were on the scene when the police arrived. The post-mortem report is not yet out, we are waiting on it, and until then, we have no real reason to believe it was anything but a heart attack.

I hope those who read this understand that I of all people would be the last to cover up the truth about my father’s death. I only want the public to know the facts rather than believing lies, propaganda and exaggeration. Unless the post-mortem report says otherwise, we must believe, based on all the evidence and my own account as a first-hand witness, that it was a natural death.

I would also like to take this opportunity to highlight the disrespectful manner in which his body was treated. It was taken to JPMC where it was left outside in an open ambulance for reporters to take pictures and make videos of, which they then went on to post on social media. Shame on the JPMC staff and police for not putting a stop to this, and shame above all on the media for their lack of respect and common human decency and empathy. They also did not hesitate to photograph and film his family when we arrived on the scene, and at the graveyard when we buried him.

Please feel free to share this and I urge those who cared about him to exercise common sense and rationality over the next coming days, and not to jump to conclusions until the evidence calls for it. I also urge you all to stop sharing fabricated or inaccurate reports, to stop posting images of my father’s body and to take down those that have already been posted – and, though it should go without saying, to not send these to his family or harass us any further in this difficult time. I am grateful to those who are sharing and posting commemorative accounts of his life and work with dignity and respect.

My father was not a victim, and I do not want him to be remembered as such. I will not allow his legacy to be based on lies. He belonged not only to me, but also to the people of Pakistan, whom he fought so hard for throughout his life.

EDIT OF HER FACEBOOK BY SHEHERZADE ZAFAR-ARIF: In light of some of the comments I’ve been getting on this post, two more things: firstly, the reason my father was in the backseat of his car may well have been because he had a tendency to stop during long drives to rest in the backseat, or because he was experiencing some discomfort or tiredness. His heart medicine was found next to him. This is our best guess unless proven otherwise, but only God can know for sure.

Secondly, neither my family nor I have been ‘pressured’ to make any kind of statement. Anyone who knows how hard I’ve fought for my father in the past would know that I would never succumb to such pressure and that I would fight for justice at whatever cost. In any case, it’s naive to think (and gives me far more importance than I’m due) that anyone who wished to cover up his death would believe that one woman’s statement could stop people from believing what they want to believe.

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