BLF claims killing 10 jihadi soldiers, but Pakistan admits only half that number

Somewhere between five to ten soldiers of Pakistan’s jihadi army may have reached heaven Monday, each one them living a life of eternal bliss in the company of 99 play mates– 72 of them virgin angels and 27 young boys.

Pakistan army, fifth largest in the world, the infamous Inter Services Intelligence, Military Intelligence and paramilitary Frontier Corps are highly despised in Balochistan as they have killed at least 35,000 Baloch, buried 6,000 of them in mass graves and forcibly disappeared 21,000 others since the launch of a brutal army crackdown in 2005.

The BLF said the troops were patrolling the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) when they were ambushed. The exchange of fire continued for 20 minutes, in which 10 army personnel were killed and several suffered injuries, the BLF spokesman said. Those killed where in two army vehicles,  one of which was completely destroyed and another was partially damaged when a rocket hit them, he explained.

The spokesman further said that the dead troops were SSG (Special Services Group) commandos who were deployed for the protection of $62 billion Chinese-funded CPEC. The project is aimed at connecting Kashgar in China with the strategically sexy Balochistan port of Gwadar on the Straits of Hormuz.

Gwahram Baloch added that Baloch people had rejected this exploitative project which is aimed at settling millions of non-Baloch in Balochistan, mostly Chinese and Punjabis, as part of a conspiracy  to convert Baloch into a minority in their homeland Balochistan–land of the Baloch.

The BLF spokesperson stressed that hs organization warns all investors from China that any project undertaken without the consent and participation of Baloch people will fail as it will be defeated by the locals. The BLF advice investors to stay away from Balochistan otherwise, they alone will be responsible for their losses.

But DawnNews newspaper that reported Pakistan was winning against India on the day her troops surrendered in Dhaka,  reported at least five security personnel– not 10– lost their lives and six others were injured when a vehicle carrying them turned over after being ambushed in Balochistan’s Kech district on Monday.

The paper cited a district administration official as saying that “suspected terrorists” opened fire at a convoy of security forces in Shapok area of Kech district.

“One of the vehicles in the convoy turned turtle after the attack, killing five personnel. It wasn’t immediately clear which security force the personnel belonged to,” DawnNews said, so that the killing of SSGs should not demoralize Pakistanis about the state of affairs in what Baloch nationalists call Pakistan-occupied Balochistan.

The newspaper, however, pointed out all is not well in Balochistan as it gave a chronolgy of events in which militants targeted the Pakistan occupation troops.

Because of the army injustices on Baloch people in Balochistan actions such as Monday’s ambush is widely hailed in Balochistan.

Pakistan army soldiers are conditioned to believe Baloch are apostates– agents of India, Israel and the US– and deserve death. The troops are also brainwashed by Islamic teachings that if they die fighting the Baloch apostates they will get 72 virgin angels and 27 peach-bottomed boys for eternal comfort and play in heaven.

The BLF is the only one of the two Baloch militant outfits, in addition to the splinter Aslam Baloch faction of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), whose alleged chief Hyrbyair Marri was tried by the UK on terrorism charges but freed with the help of former Pakistan home minister Rahman Malik and cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan.

iHowever, at times the BLF cowardly turns its guns on unarmed civilians and Baloch political opponents. The BLF, which is the largest of five militant outfits, has killed hundreds of Baloch.Those the BLF killed include Daulat M. Hasni, a brother-in-law of its founder Dr Allah Nazar two years ago, leaving his wife Fazeela M. Hasni in medical depression.

Just last week Gwahram Baloch claimed the BLF killed one of its founding commanders, Jaggoo Baloch. But later on, another militant outfit Baloch Republican Army (BRA) said it was they who killed the black Baloch commander, who had  lost his sons and brothers in battles against Pakistan army, for being a drug addict and becoming an informer.

The Swiss believe the BRA is allegedly led by exiled Baloch leader Brahumdagh Bugti and have quarantined him in Geneva, neither giving him asylum nor giving him any travel documents.

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