Exiled Kashmiri leader condemns ISI’s killing of MQM’s Prof Zafar Arif

BERNE, Switzerland: Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri Exiled Chairman of United Kashmir People`s National Party (UKPNP) Sunday strongly condemned the extrajudicial killing of Professor Dr. Hassan Zafar Arif,  deputy convener of MQM London. 

“This is yet another shocking example of violence against those speaking out for truth and justice in Pakistan,” said Kashmiri, who was himself disappeared and tortured by the ISI for upholding the voice of truth, freedom and justice in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

The infamous Inter-Services Intelligence abducted the well-respected professor and his tortured body was found a day later, but the Pakistan authorities drew a blank and said the professor died of natural causes.

Kashmkiri, who was himself forcibly disappeared and tortured for many  months by the pakistani intelligence services in the 1990s, deplored, “As usual law enforcement forces eliminated a political opponent and  now are in state of denial that they are unaware of Professor Hassan Zafar`s killing.”

Kashmiri further said how and shameful it is of the Deep State of Pakistan that  a  72 year old professor, an Intellectual,  a democrat, and human rights activist, who was a peace loving person was kidnapped and brutally killed  by the jungle-minded law enforcement forces of Pakistan.

“We are shocked and pained by the brutality and atrocities being perpetrated by Pakistan against oppressed nations and ethnic groups,” said Kashmiri.

He said that international community, especially United Nations, should take serious notice of barbarism and atrocities committed by Pakistan. “United Nations, international community and human rights organizations should put pressure on Pakistan to respect human rights, freedom of expression and end the prevailing impunity that permits such attacks against political opponents, civil society activists and human rights defenders,” Kashmiri demanded.

He called upon the UN to send its fact finding mission to investigate into this case of the murder of an academic, and probe thousands of other cases of enforce disappearances, kidnappings, extrajudicial killings and crimes against humanity in Pakistan and its Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (commonly known as Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan).

Kashmiri and his bosom buddy, Pakistan ports and shipping minister Mir Hasil Bizenjo, had known Prof Zafar Arif since their days at Karachi University during the military regime of US-backed Islamist Gen Ziaul Haq. They had then launched a student protest against a ban on student unions by the late dictator for the platform of the United Students Movement (USM).

The MQM, which is led by Altaf Husain emerged as one of the most powerful organizations during the military regime of Gen Ziaul Haq. the organization represents Muslim immigrants from India who were in the vanguard for the creation of Pakistan on the basis of the Two Nation theory.

However, hundreds of its workers were killed by the army and the ISI who have allegedly used third rate methods to silence the main voice for the Mohajirs, who faced slurs such like matarwa, panahgeer and makkar. The methods used by the ISI against the MQM included bringing in female members of the arrested leaders and activist and threatening to rape them before their eyes in ISI dungeons.

“Those responsible for such heinous   crimes   should be urgently brought to justice and punished,” Kashmiri urged.


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