Blood-soaked Balochistan has a new chief minister picked by army, ISI

The France-sized but God-forsaken southwestern province of Pakistan elected a new chief minister who has got the least amount of votes in Pakistan’s poll history, 544, in the last 2013 elections.

The election of Abdul Qudoos Bezinjo took place after former chief minister Sardar Sanaullah Zehri, who had killed his eldest brother Sardar Rasul Baksh Zehri but never got arrested nor tried, was asked to resign amid charges of fabulous corruption and ineptitude.

The new chief minister launched his twitter account this month and as of Saturday night had 106 followers while he is following 15: the Chinese embassy in Pakistan, the deputy chief of mission at the Chinese mission Lijian Zhao and the corps commander of Balochistan, Lt Gen Asim Bajwa.

It was apparent Zehri went afoul of the soldiers calling the shots in Balochistan when he went out of the way to secure the release of  family members of two militant leaders, Dr Allah Nazar and Aslam Baloch in November. The outgoing chief minister was a close friend of Cardif-based Baloch “king without a crown,” Khan of Kalat Suleman Daud.

A 14-member cabinet was also sworn in but surprisingly they did not include any members of the National Party, a party which has the reputation of getting power and perks at any cost and is headed by ports and shipping minister Senator Mir Hasil Bizenjo. The main reason could be the Sardar Aslam Bizenjo, who many believes is the real chief of the NP, cannot serve in a cabinet that is headed by someone who is not equal or siyaal.

Qudoos Bezinjo’s grandfather Abdul Kareem Bizenjo was gunned down by Sardar Sherdil Tumrani, chief of a Bizenjo sub-tribe, after he refused to pay a tribal tax called shashak, or one sixth of produce from the land, to Aslam Bizenjo’s father Sardar Faqeer Mohammed Bizenjo.

Qudoos Bizenjo is being called “cheat minister” by online critics of his ascendancy to the top civilian post in Balochistan, even though the real shots are called by the corps commander of the Southern Command, Lt gen Asim Bajwa, former head of the Inter Serbvices Public Relations.

Bizenjo is the third chief minister in less four and half years. After forced annexation of Balochistan by Pakistan in March 1948, balochistan for the the first time had a chief minister, Sardar Ataullah Mengal, but his government was dismissed nine months later on february 13, 1973.

Overall the France-sized occupied territory had 16 chief ministers, of whom only two completed their full terms Jam Yusuf Jamali (December 2002 to November 2007) and Nawab Aslam Raisani (April 2008 to January 2013).

The longest seriving chief minister of the province was an army general, Lt Gen Rahimuddin Khan (July 1977 to April 1985, during the military regime of late Gen Ziaul Haq.



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