Balochistan in Guinness Book of World Records? Bezinjo who got 544 votes to become next chief minister

A man who got only less than 600 votes in Pakistan France-sized southwestern province of Balochistan, which has an official population of 12.34 million people, is all set to become the next chief executive of the blood-soaked occupied territory Friday.

Forty-three year old Mir Abdul Qudoos Bezinjo got 544 votes in the 2013 elections belongs to the Deep State sponsored Pakistan Muslims League-Quaid-i-Azam (PML-Q), headed by Chaduhry Shujaat Hussain. But the low number of votes does not matter as he allegedly enjoys the blessings of Pakistan army and secret services, who control Balochistan.  with an iron fist, including bullets and aerial bombings.

The outgoing chief minister of the province Sardar Sanaullah Zehri resigned from his post ahead of a no-confidence motion as the secret services were said to be unhappy with him. It is not clear if the agencies got mad with Zehri for taking the lead in freeing the family members of militant leaders, Dr Allah Nazar and Aslam Baloch in November.

However, published media reports and TV analysts said millions of hard cash from Zehri’s secretary Ayub Qureshi and driver. He is spending 76 percent of his time in London and Dubai– 16 months in total– since assuming office in January 2015. Zehri also kept six of the most lucrative ministries to himself and did not give post people on almost 32,000 people awaiting bribe for them.

Zehri is grandson of a noted Baloch resistance leader Nawab Nauroz Khan Zehri, who threw the gauntlet at the military regime of Gen Ayub Khan, and died in prison at the age of 90, for defense of the erstwhile Baloch ruler, Khan of Kalat, Mir Ahmadyar Khan. His uncle and many close relatives were hanged by the army.

Zehri, who is close to Cardiff-based Khan of Kalat, Mir Suleman Daud, had allegedly killed his eldest brother Sardar Rasul Bakhsh Zehri during a reconciliation meeting but never got tried for the offense as he enjoyed ISI blessings at the time. According to Pakistan statutes a person who commits capital offense cannot hold public office.

Zehri’s likely successor Mir Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo has been selected by the dissidents as their candidate. In fact one another guy doing the ISI’s dirty job in Balochistan, former home minister Sarfraz Bugti, was also said to eyeing the exalted position, whose perks include a private Cessna with pilot among other things. But Bugti tweeted he had voluntarily decided not to contest elections.

If Bezinjo is elected tomorrow, Pakistan-occupied Balochistan may get its place in the Guinness Book of World Records 2018 edition for having a chief minister of  who got the least number of votes in France-sized territory in the world.

Another leader of Qudoos Bezinjo’s Deep State PML-Q party is Mushahid Hussain Sayed,  who was removed from his post as the parliamentary  leader of the party in the Senate less than two weeks ago. A mouthpiece for the army, Sayed heads the Senate Defence Committee and is said to be the mentor of Pakistan’s UN ambassador, forever youthful Dr Maleeha Lodhi.

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