#ChappalChorPakistan protest in Washington DC at Pak embassy today

A group of Americans are organizing a  #ChappalChorPakistan — “Slipper Thief Pakistan”– protest in front of the Pakistan embassy on Sunday at 4.00 pm.

The protest has been organized against  stealing of the shoes of Cheetan Jadhav, wife of Kulbhushan Yadav, when she went there to meet her husband at Pakistan’s foreign ministry on Christmas day. Avanti, Jadhav’s mother, also accompanied the wife and both were asked to remove their mangalsutra, bangles and bindi before they could meet him, India’s external affairs ministry complained.

The protest will begin in front of Pakistan embassy, 3517 International court, Washington, DC 2008 at 4 pm sharp and end at 5.30 pm. The protest is a brainchild of Soumya Chowdhury, who is from West Bengal. The protesters are requested, if possible, to bring a pair of worn or new women shoes to give to Pakistan.

Najeeb Khan, a die-hard supporter of Balochistan freedom who lives in New York, wished that he was in DC to attend the protest.  Khan, who was shot at and almost killed in Quetta, capital of Balochistan, by the ISI four years ago, instead ordered a pair of women shoes to be sent to the Pakistan ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry. “I hope the ambassador won’t gift it to his wife or girlfriend as a gift. Mr Chaudhry has earned himself for not being honest among Washington DC think-tanks. You can expect anything from Pakistanis,” said Khan.

Najeeb Khan gift-- Picture courtesy Najeeb Khan
#ChappalChorPakistan Pair of shoes ordered by Balochistan freedom supporter Najeeb Khan for Pakistan ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry

A military court in Pakistan sentenced Jadhav to death for spying and terrorism but according to Rediff news, “New Delhi says Jadhav was kidnapped in Iran where he had legitimate business interests, and brought to Pakistan. To save Jadhav, India moved the International Court of Justice, which ordered Pakistan in May to stay his execution.”
On April 6, the same day Pakistan military court sentenced Jadhav to death India reportedly abducted a Pakistan army officer of the ISI, Lt Col Mohammad Habib, who allegedly played a key role in Jadhav’s abduction, from Kathmandu, Nepal. The Hindustan Times cited two senior security officials as saying Habib’s abduction was aimed at pressuring Pakistan to release Kulbhushan Jadhav.

Sad, tragic story of Pakistan foreign ministry

Pakistan foreign ministry, where the Jadhav ladies were humiliated, has a sad and tragic history. Immediately after the Partition Holocaust in August 1947 Pakistan’s tuberculosis-ridden founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah personally occupied a Hindu merchants property in Karachi, free of cost, to make it the country’s first foreign ministry.

The beautiful mansion belonged to a member from the Maheswari community in Rajasthan, named Shrivratan Chandratan Mohatta. Mohatta personally knew Jinnah but his pleas to spare the mansion he built for his beloved sick wife fell on the deaf ears of Pakistan’s stone-faced, British-backed founder. Heart-broken Mohatta left Karachi, never to return. The majestic Mohatta Palace, now a museum, had a family temple on its terrace dedicated to Lord Shiva.

After Pakistan’s capital was shifted to Islamabad, with the main aim of running of the country by army generals at the GHQ in neighboring Rawalpindi,  the Mohatta Palace was taken over by Jinnah’s secretly flamboyant sister Fatima Jinnah in 1964 who renamed it Qasr-i-Fatima. It was here that Ms Jinnah was allegedly murdered on the orders of Pakistan dictator Gen. Ayub Khan.

The wife of Sindh’s first governor Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah, Lady Sughra Hidayatullah, who was a family friend of this scribe and also close friend of Ms Jinnah, told me she was murdered at Mohatta Palace. Lady Hidayatullah, who was the first women to reach the murder scene, said her friend had strangulation marks on her neck.

The Ayub regime insisted Ms Jinnah died of a heart failure without carrying out a postmortem and autopsy request by her nephew was turned down by the Ayub regime. After that Shireen Jinnah, another sister of Jinnah, came from India to live in the mansion until she died in 1980.

Lady Hidayatullah’s son Munawar Hidayatullah and his close friend, this scribe’s uncle Aziz Mustikhan, were assassinated by the Hurs during an anti-British rebellion May 16, 1942 when the two were going to New Delhi by train. Lady Hidayatullah’s husband was then the home minister of Sindh.


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