Two Hindu brothers shot dead in Mithi to force community out of Sindh

Two brothers, Dileep Kumar Maheswari and Chander Kumar Maheswari, were shot dead early Friday morning in an alleged robbery in the town of Mithi in Thar district Friday, but community activists think the murders were orchestrated for a more sinister reason than just robbery.

“We think these killings are part of same conspiracy in which extremist people want that Hindu may leave their motherland,” said Raj Kumar, a Hindu rights defender
“We have not forgotten killings of three young doctors at Chak (Shikarpur),” Kumar added.

According to another Hindu rights defender and lawyer, Shankar Meghwar, a similar incident happened in August 2014 in Umerkot, in which two Hindu brothers were killed. “No impartial investigation was done and ultimately that incident was declared blind murder. Same will be fate of this incident,” said Meghwar.

“By killing two Hindu youth in Mithi, we have proved to the US and World that we have failed to protect minorities in Pakistan,” said Shujauddin Qureshi, who works as manager advocacy and networking at the Pakistan Institute for Labor Education and Research (PILER).

The killings of the Maheswari brothers, reported to be grain traders, took place in the same area where a Muslim cleric Pir Ayub Jan Farooqi boasts he has converted thousands of Hindus, mostly girls but some boys too, to Islam. Farooqi has vowed that he will not rest at ease until each and every Hindu in Umarkot and Tharparkar, the only two districts in Pakistan where Hindus even today form 65 percent of the population, is cleansed of Hindus.

Sindh used to be an oasis of peace when Hindus were there in large numbers the before the Partition Holocaust. Karachi, the capital of Sindh, used to be called the Paris of the East.

Hindu brothers slain -- Picture courtesy Shankar Meghwar/Facebook
On top pictures of the two Hindu brothers, Dileep Kumar and Chander Kumar who were shot dead in Mithi. Bottom public commott\ion,

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