Pakistan’s Christmas gift for Baloch– 65 freedom activists abducted

As many as 65 people, including two students, were abducted from Washuk, Kech, Harnai, Awaran and Panjgur in the week before Christmas, according to Baloch resistance sources.

Details of abductions

Six people were abducted from Tehsil Dasht of district Kech Balochistan on Sunday, according to BalochWarna News. It said Pakistan Frontier Corps and local police raided Drachko and Jattani Bazar area of Dasht Balochistan and shifted the six victims to a nearby military camp. Women and children were also beaten up during the raids, Baloch Warna said.

The identity of four victims abducted from Drachko were Sabzal son of Peer Bakhsh, Hameed son of Haibatan, Shakeel son of Peerak, Wajid son of Qadir Bakhsh, whereas two people named Majeed son of Abdul Rehman and Diljan son of Omaitan were abducted from Jattani Bazar in Dasht Balochistan.

According to Baloch Human Rights Council in Harnai town Saturday Pakistani forces abducted Dilshad Marri, Gul Khan Marri and Wander Mrari. It said security forces set several houses ablaze during the operation, including the houses of Bahar Khan Kanjlani Marri and Rindo Sherani Marri.

On Saturday, the security forces raided Sari Gaddagi area of Balgatar district Kech and abducted a youth, Tariq Baloch.

On Friday, the Pakistanis abducted another youth Raza Chegerdi from Paho area of district Awaran Balochistan.

Separately,  on Friday, Mir Noora Pir Mohammad, Khuda Dad Noora, Ali Sher Mohammad Ali, Huzoor Qadir Bakhsh, Nek Bakht Allah Bakhsh, Meraj Abdul Nabi, Nek Mohammad Qadir Bakhsh and Yaqoob Sumar were abducted by the security services from Raghae area of Besima district Washuk during a military operation.

On December 18, seventeen-year-old student Fida Abdul Bashir, resident of Sari Gaddagi, Balgatar district Kech was abducted by forces from Turbat district Kech, Balochistan.

The Baloch Warna, which is published by associates of London-based Hyrbyair Marri also reported Pakistan Frontier Corps abducted Nasir Ahmad, son of late Ghaffar Langov from Quetta, capital of Balochistan, on December 15.

According to eyewitnesses, Pakistan intelligence agencies and Frontier Corps abducted Nasir Ahmad from Killi Allahabad Quetta and badly beat him up before shoving him into their official vehicle in full public view.

The 20-year-old student of Intermediate in Science College Quetta is the only brother of five sisters. Pakistani forces had abducted his father Abdul Ghaffar Langov from a hospital in Karachi December 2009. He remained in Pakistani dungeons until his mutilated dead body was found from a a derelict building in Gaddani, Balochistan in July 2011.

The family of Nasir Langov, fearing he might meet the same fate like his father, went to the local police to register a First Information Report (FIR) but the police refused to register their case. Police in Balochistan fear reprisal from the Pakistan army, Military Intelligence, ISI and Frontier Corps and hence refuse to register cases against abduction of Baloch political activists by them.

Reasons for political apathy

Unlike Bangladesh in 1971 where the Awami League enjoyed popular mandate, there is neither a well organized political party nor a unified command to politically challenge Pakistan’s crimes against humanity in Balochistan. Islamabad, on its part is working overtime to promote ISIS in Balochistan to counter the Baloch movement.

As elections are due next year, one major political party Balochistan National Party of former chief minister Sardar Akhtar Mengal is in the field. The militants, however, say they will boycott the elections.

The other party, National Party, despite having large number of trained political workers, has discredited itself in the eyes of the nationalists itself because of its soft posture. Its two main leaders ports and shipping minister Senator Hasil Bizenjo and former chief minister Dr Malik Baloch are reputedly willing to kneel down before an ISI captain and major, let alone brigadier or general

The situation has turned for the worse, as Pakistan is literally turning Balochistan to China’s control under a controversial $62 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). China plans to link Kashghar with Gwadar Port for commercial-plus-strategic reasons under the CPEC.

There is total black out of news from Balochistan and Pakistan does not allow foreign journalists to visit the France-sized, resource-rich occupied territory.

In this backdrop of political despondency, more than 50 Baloch women who were abducted from Mashkay earlier this month are still in Pakistan army captivity but there have been no mass protests in Balochistan or rest of Pakistan mainly because of two reasons: lack of political organization and fear of ISI reprisals.

Pakistan army has a history of abducting Baloch women and children to break the will of Baloch militants. They had used the same tactics to crush an earlier insurgency, 1973-77.

In addition, this time around trigger happy militants have antagonized large sections of the population, including their own relatives, by their wrong actions. For instance, under orders of Dr Allah Nazar, chief of the Iran-based Balochistan Liberation Front, the BLF killed his brother-in-law and comrade-in-arms Daulat M. Hasni two years back.

Dr Nazar also accused his surviving brother-in-law Mehrullah M. Hasni of involvement in his wife’s abduction last month.

Former speaker of Balochistan assembly Akram Dashti provided this scribe with a list of 243 Baloch civilians who were killed by militants in Panjgur, Gwadar and Turbat in recent years on a charge they were informers.

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