Dec 16– Happy Victory Day dear Mother India; Balochistan awaits a second Vijay Diwas

Just look at the main headline of the newspaper founded by tuberculosis-ridden Pakistan founder M.A. Jinnah, the day after Pakistan surrendered in Paltan Maidan, Dhaka: WAR TILL VICTORY.


Pakistan media was reporting WAR UNTIL VICTORY– Daily Pakistan Times, Lahore, reported two days earlier, Pakistan winning on all fronts — a day after Gen A.A.K. Niazi, aka “Tiger Niazi” had signed the instruments of surrender with Indian Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora, a Sikh, under the command of the gentleman soldier, Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw, a Parsi. Jewish general JFR Jacob, chief of staff of Indian army’s Eastern Command played a key role in the victory. Thousands of Hindu soldiers put heir life on line to save the life, honor and human dignity of the Bengalis, majority of whom were Muslims. Indian pluralism was in action on the battle fields of what is today Bangladesh.

Pakistan forces killed three million Bengalis and raped upwards of 400,000 Bengali women in an army operation code named Operation Searchlight. These women gave birth to 30,000 Babies of War. Never before have such large number of Muslim soldiers, more than 90,000, surrendered in history.

Instruments of Surrender-- Picture courtesy twitter
Instruments of Surrender signed between Gen AAK Niazi and Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora on Decem 16, 1971 at the Paltan Maidan in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh.

Just wait a second and reverse the picture. Had Pakistan army won the war, they would have made a mountain of skulls of the Indian soldiers. This has been a part and parcel of the jihadi doctrines that Pakistan army follows. The world saw the the loser army do it in May this year when they mutilated the bodies of Naib Subedar Paramjit Singh, a junior commissioned officer (JCO), and Border Security Force head constable Prem Sagar after a skirmish in Krishna Ghati sector of Poonch district, the Hindustan Times reported.

Even today Pakistan army is in denial of the atrocities they committed on the Bengalis, after denying them their due share in the national kitty for nearly a quarter century, leave alone tendering an unconditional apology to Bangladesh for the genocide. In the eyes of Pakistan Deep State, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was a RAW agent just like they portray the Baloch leaders and intellectuals who are calling for a free Balochistan.

Pakistan soldiers are committing the same crimes against humanity in Balochistan, almost half century later. Pakistan media like usual is saying Pakistan is winning in Balochistan, when Baloch fury against the state is at an all time high. There is not a single village that does not have a Baloch fallen hero. Baloch youths, especially those in the age groups 18 to 40, don’t see any good coming to them in the so-called federation of Pakistan, where a sitting prime minister Nawaz Sharif is punished by the defeated army for not following its diktat. The main difference between Pakistan and India is that in India, people make a visionary tea-boy the prime minister of the country while in Pakistan the army makes tea-boys of sitting prime ministers. There is no hope for the country.

In spite of the ignominious defeat on December 16, 1971 Pakistan army has not learned any lessons. They are still trying to wrest control of Kashmir, the cradle of Hindu and Buddhist civilization, from Hindu majority India. The ISI’s blue-eyed boys like the Lal Topi Wala Zaid Hamid, who gets wads of cash from the Pakistani Deep State, continues to talk about the holy Ghazwa-i-Hind, to occupy and convert India as per the desire of Prophet Muhammad.

While tweeting an image of the DAWN newspaper of December 17, 1971, Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United States, Husain haqqani quips, “My annual reminder of the perils of living in denial. Front page of Dawn on Dec 17, 1971 – the day after troops surrendered at Dhaka to joint forces of India & Bangladesh. The facts were ‘rejected’!

"Tiger Niazi" surrenders-- Picture courtesy Writely Expressed
Pakistan general AAK Niazi signing the Instruments of Surrender on December 16, 1971.

Mother India, just like your brave soldiers helped the people of Bangladesh in 1971, now is the time for helping the Baloch people of Balochistan; we salute the valiant soldiers of India. Sitting in this most important capital of the world, I am anguished that there is no meaningful help to Balochistan from India in spite of the extraordinary speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the historic Red Fort last year.

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