BLF owns terror attack on office of National Party in Turbat

The militant Balochistan Liberation Front, which is headed by rebel leader Dr Allah Nazar, has owned a bomb attack Thursday in Turbat on the office of the pro-federation National Party.

Gohram Baloch, spokesperson for the BLF, while owning responsibility for the terror attack, accused the National Party of being a party to Pakistan’s genocidal policies in Balochistan.

The BLF is represented in the West by its political arm, Baloch National Movement, whose international spokesperson Hammal Haider is based in London. A second well-known leader is Oslo-based former Balochistan fisheries minister Kachkol Ali Advocate. The BNM publicly denies it has links with the BLF, however.

“The attack was a warning so that the National Party does not deceive innocent Baloch to become its workers, to enable the ISI to use them,” said Gohram Baloch. He said the National Party was repeating what the Jamaat Islami did in Bangladesh during its independence struggle in 1971.

“The Jamaat Islami is getting punished for its role in Bangladesh genocide today. We are not going to wait until tomorrow but bring them to justice right away for their role in Baloch genocide and crimes against humanity,” Gohram Baloch said.

He said the recent statement of former Balochistan chief minister Dr Abdul Malik in which he called for a Swat-style operation in Balochistan and the discovery of mass graves, when he was chief minister, are ample proof of their crimes against Baloch people. The National Party is led by Mir Hasil Bizenjo, federal ports and shipping minister.

The NP vice president Hameed Baloch said the grenade attack, which the party termed “cowardly,” took place at 10 in the morning but luckily no was present at the office. “Our way of struggle is democratic, we are not against anyone and expect same from others,” he said. Balochistan National Party  Awami delegation, led by its District Kech president Khan Mohammad Jan Gichki, visited the NP office to express support.

Recently, the BLF launched an assassination attempt on Jan Buledi, the spokesperson for the NP– both Bluedi and his party comrade Hameed Baloch during their student days at the Dawood College of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, were advocates of Balochistan independence–, that left his son injured.

Last month BLF chief Dr Nazar in tweets, that were later deleted, said, “Dr Malik and Hasil Bezanjo of advised the Pakistan Army to intensify the genocide of Baloch people. That’s why we have also instructed the Baloch Sarmachaars to eliminate these traitors wherever they can target them.”

A second tweet by Dr Nazar said, “There is no room left for Pakistan Army and collaborators of ISI like Dr Malik, Hasil Bezanjo and others in Balochistan. Baloch fighters must eliminate these elements otherwise Baloch nation will perish.”

Kachkol Ali Advocate and Hammal Haider -- Picture courtesy KOH! BALOCH/Twitter
Former Balochistan fisheries minister Kachkol Ali Advocate (left), who lives in Oslo, Norway, and Hammal Haider, who lives in London, UK. The two BNM leaders are believed to be on the hotline with BLF chief Dr Allah Nazar.

However, the main break between the Baloch militants and the NP came more than seven years back when a key leader of the NP, Maula Bakhsh Dashti, was gunned down by BLF militants in Turbat. Apparently, the dovish NP leaders sought support of law-enforcement to save the life of their leaders and workers after that assassination.

Capitalizing on the bloody rift among the Baloch, Pakistan army generals launched their kill and dump policy in Balochistan that has left more than 1,500 freedom workers dead, while at least 8,000 others are victims of enforced disappearances. Overall, Pakistan army has killed more than 35,000 Baloch by pursuing a scorched earth policy in Balochistan since spring 2005.

According to Jan Buledi, militants belonging to the BLF and Baloch Republican Army, which is led by Geneva-based Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, have killed more than 100 Baloch civilians, including scores of NP workers.

Pakistan has been trying hard to present the Balochistan struggle as terroristic and last month succeeded in getting Nawab Mehran Marri deported from Zurich airport and getting a lifetime ban on his Swiss entry.

Marri had been pleading the case of Balochistan at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva for more than 16 years now. But the Swiss government seemed to have agreed to Pakistan’s charge that he heads the United Baloch Army (UBA), which was involved in massacre of 22 Pashtun travelers in Mastung two years back.

Just a week after that, the Swiss authorities shot down the asylum petition of Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti on the Pakistani charge that he heads the BRA. Both Marri and Bugti are believed to have a working relationship with the BLF and if the miltant outfit continues its violent actions against political opponents, the two leaders may end up in a bigger mess.

The Canadian government had earlier shot down the asylum petition of  Banuk Karima Baloch, chairperson of the Baloch Students Organization Azad and spouse of BNM’s Hammal Haider on a charge that her organization supports violence in Balochistan. Interestingly, the BSO Azad is said to have been launched as a non-profit in Toronto, Canada, and its not clear what is its relationship with the one on the ground in Balochistan.

Only one of the militant outfits, Balochistan Liberation Army, which is allegedly led by London-based former Balochistan minister Hyrbyair Marri, has spoken out against Baloch killing Baloch. However, the BLA itself had armed clashes with the UBA in recent years that left four dozen Marri freedom fighters dead.

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