Transparency International report is fake, but army-occupied Balochistan is most corrupt in the world

A report circulating on the social media attributed to Transparency International turns out to be fake but the truth is Pakistan army occupied Balochistan is indeed one of the most corrupt regions in the world.

The fake report said Balochistan was No. 1 in the world, followed by Caracas, capital of Venezuela. The report sounded so genuine to the unsuspecting eyes that even a spokesperson for the Swiss-based Baloch Republican Party also tweeted the fake news. The BRP is led by Geneva-based Brahumdagh Bugti, one of the political successors of slain former governor and chief minister of Balochistan, Nawab Akbar Bugti.

But the online Balochistan Voices pointed out, “There are some other obvious mistakes in the shared screenshot which the unsuspecting social media users in Balochistan ignored. Firstly, it compares Balochistan with Caracas, where former is a province and latter is a city.”

Mir Khalid Lango-- Picture Courtesy The News International
Mir Khalid Langov, who was implicated in corruption case that involed recovery of Rs 630 million ($5.8 million) from the home of finance secretary Mushtaq Raisani.

Balochistan is in fact extremely corrupt. In one of the largest currency seizures in South Asian history Rs 630 million in cash and gold worth Rs 40 million from the home of provincial finance secretary Mushtaq Raisani. Later, Mir Khalid Langov, National Party leader and finance advisor to Balochistan chief minister Sardar Sanaullah Zehri was also arrested by Pakistan’s National Accountability Bureau in the same case.

The National Party is led by federal ports and shipping minister Mir Hasil Bizenjo. the party is allegedly financed by global heroin kingpin Imam Bheel, who killed a senior Balochistan bureaucrat Abdul Rahman Dashti at his home in Karachi but has not been arrested to date as he enjoys the blessings of the infamous Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). The Reuters news agency did an investigative report on Bheel.

Some years back, Pakistan media reported the ISI also financed the election of National Party chief Bizenjo.

Balochistan is also perhaps one of the few places on earth where the sitting chief minister Zehri killed his eldest brother Sardar Rasul Bakhsh Zehri during a reconciliation bid between the two brothers. Zehri too never got arrested due to ISI’s patronage.

Balochistan is being administered by the Southern Command of Pakistan army, led by former spin doctor Lt Asim Bajwa, who has three million followers on twitter. Pakistan army, Military Intelligence, Inter services intelligence and the paramilitary Frontier Corps are accused of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Balochistan.

Generals of Pakistan army who run Balochistan are reputed to be one of the most corrupt in the world as they have at least 20 percent in kickbacks and commissions in foreign arms deals.

In a rare case of an army general being punished, last year army chief General Raheel Sharif– now commander in chief of a Saudi-led international Wahabi army– dismissed Lt Gen Obaidullah Khan Khattak, head of the Frontier Corps in Balochistan, and 10 other senior officers on a charge of corruption.

Baloch society was traditionally honor based and a Balochi saying goes mard mirree pa naama, namard mirree pa naana, which means “a hero dies for his honor, coward dies out of greed.” However, Pakistan monkey general Gen Ziaul Haq, an Islamist, used the silver bullet to kill the Baloch movement by encouraging corruption. He also gave wads of cash to some tribal leaders, who were opposed to Pakistan.

Balochistan is also the world capital of enforced disappearance where the fate of at least 8,000 Baloch freedom activists who were demanding independence of Balochistan is till unknown. A bloody insurgency that started in spring 2005, has left more than 35,000 Baloch, mostly civilians, killed to date.

China is making heavy investments of $62 billion under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor to wrest control of the key port of Gwadar on the Straits of Hormuz and connect it with Kashgar, but Baloch militants have vowed they will fight to the last man to resist the Chinese takeover. Most Baloch youths support the militants.

Heroin Kingpin Imam Bheel-- Picture courtesy Baluch Sarmachar
Heroin kingpin Imam Bheel, who is reportedly the main financier of the National Party. Bheel had killed a senior bureaucrat Abdul Rehman Dashti but never got arrested as he enjoys ISI patronage.

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