Killing that made India look ‘neech’ in global eyes

My head is bowed in shame as a defender of Hinduism as a humanist faith and an Indophile. I am speechless and very angry.

The dastardly killing by a Hindu fanatic made India look “neech” (lowly) in global eyes, but the debate in the Indian media that day was Congress stalwart Mani Shankar Aiyer using the term “neech” to describe Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

I am writing this after watching the extremely graphic and heart wrenching Youtube clip: a Hindu extremist Shambhu Lal Regar killing a poor Muslim laborer Mohammad Afrazul from West Bengal in the Rajashtan town of Rajsamand , then pouring kerosene oil to burn him alive.  The accused then defends his killing in the name of “love jihad.”

Go back into the time tunnel May 22, 2103 to Woolwich, London. Off-duty fusilier Lee Rigby, 25, was off duty when he was attacked with a knife and a cleaver by Islamist extremists Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale; Adebolajo got whole-life sentence and Adebowale 45-year sentence.

Michael Adebolajo-- Picture Courtesy The Sun

The reasons, motives, geography, the national identities of the killers and the victims were all different, but the two killings had the same common denominators: extremism and hatred. Moreover, the tone and tenor of the enthusiastic explanation given by Adebolajo in defense of the barbarity on video was eerily similar to what Shambu Lal Regar said in his adrenaline rush. The Woolwich men were Mulsims while the killer in Rajsamand was Hindu, but in both cases the killers lost their innate humanism to religious fervor.

Two Hindu extremists, who I don’t know, even trolled my Facebook page and began commenting all kinds of nonsense in defense of the Rajsamand brutality. I had to block them.

Islamic history is full of such atrocities: the question is was Shambu Lal Regar acting like the Muslim warlord and Prophet Muhammad companion Khalid bin Waleed, who is to this day worshiped by Pakistan army generals. Middle East specialist Raymond Ibrahim, in an article “Allah’s Sword of Terror,” writes he “came across a video of a modern-day Egyptian Salafi explaining how Khalid raped Layla, the wife of Malik bin Nuwayra—but only after he severed her husband’s head, lit it on fire, and cooked his dinner on it.” Nuwayra was a rebel tribal chief, while his wife Layla was known for her beauty in whole of Arabia. Muslim extremists have been doing such vile acts for centuries since the days of Islam’s inception in the name of jihad, but what has happened to civilized Hindus to act like such barbarians?

Hindus who defend such actions are the worst threat to Mother India. Each fifth child of Bharat Mata is a Muslim, numbering more than 200 million and growing. It is true in the past, Muslim invaders have done grievous harm to India but history has to move on and holding of a historic grudge wont serve the republic well. Hindu leaders all over India should have vehemently condemned the anti-Hindu action that took place in Rajsamand three days ago.

Canadian scholar and writer Tarek Fatah, who has visited India multiple times in recent years to speak at think-tanks, called the Rajasthan barbarity, “India’s shame.” He further said, “Lack of universal outrage means India isn’t ready for seat on Security Council.” One of India’s best known Muslim generals, Syed Ata Hasnain, was appalled over the barbarity. He tweeted, ” Absolutely condemn the dastardly crime in Rajasthan. Perpetrator be bought to book earliest. India is not a nation where this can be tolerated.”

Sandipan Sharma, writing in the Firstpost, notes, “Regar isn’t the only one responsible for killing Afrazul. An entire battalion of hate-mongers, their cheerleaders, benefactors, and protectors are guilty of this assault on Hinduism, India, and humanity.”

The barbarity that we saw in Rajsamand does not augur well for India’s future. The promise that India may become the No. 1 power on earth may come to a naught if the extremist Hindus and extremist Muslims have a free for all. This is what Pakistan generals at the army GHQ in Rawalpindi and the ISI headquarters in Aabpara have been dreaming for decades.

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