Pakistan army abducts baby, second sister of ‘Baloch Che Guevra’

Pakistan army and security agencies have abducted a second sister of “Baloch Che Guevra”, Dr Allah Nazar, the Balochistan guerrilla leader tweeted Friday from somewhere in the mountains, bordering Iran and Afghanistan.

France-sized Balochistan in southwest Asia is extremely resource rich and strategically placed on the northern lips of the Straits of Hormuz. Pakistan and its military ally China have planned to take over the territory and flood the area with Chinese and Punjabi population under the controversial $62 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

“Pakistan Army has abducted my second sister Sher Khatoon with her daughter and 2 grandchildren, 3yrs old Beebagr and 6 months old girl Mahen from Peezg Raghai area of district Washuk and shifted them to Mashkay army camp,” Dr Nazar tweeted.

Social media reports suggest Pakistan army is repeating the same war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocidal policies in Balochistan like what it did in the erstwhile East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. Pakistan media mostly looks the other way on their army brutalities in Balochistan, either out of patriotism or fear of the infamous Inter Services Intelligence agency.

Pakistan army had launched ground and air offensive against Dr Nazar’s ancestral Mashkay area on December 1, mostly targeting women and children. Dr Nazar heads the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), one of the most organized guerrilla outfits in South Asia.

Dr Nazar also tweeted Friday, “35 Baloch women brought to Mashkay Army camp by helicopter right now. A disabled man is also picked by Army. Our appeal to , international and world powers is to stop Pakistan from these human rights crimes in Balochistan.”

Pakistan army abducted the eldest sister of Dr Nazar couple of days back. On Thursday, Dr Nazar tweeted, “My sister Noor Khatoon, another woman Hawwa Bibi with her 2yr old daughter Raaji, a 16yr old girl and many other women have been abducted from Raghai and are in Pakistan Army camp at this time.”

Dr Nazar said the BLF “intercepted Pakistan Army’s ground communication that my sister Noor Khatoon and several other women are kept in Army’s camp in Raghai area of district Washuk.”

Dr Nazar is looked upon by Baloch youths in coastal Mekran division as a Robin Hood as he has sacrificed his entire family, including two brothers, many cousins and nephews for the cause of an independent Balochistan. He was injured but survived a full-scale army offensive on his home base two years back.

Dr Nazar is believed to be an adherent of the chanting religion of Zikris, who control the coastal belt of Balochistan. The Zikris are inherently anti-Saudi as they reject the idea of going for Haj to Mecca but instead perform their pilgrimage at the Koh-i-Murad near Turbat. Baloch nationalists have unitedly foiled Islamabad’s attempts to get the sect declared as non-Muslims.

Just last month the Pakistan security and intelligence services abducted his wife along with the sister of another guerrilla leader Aslam Baloch, along with other women and kids from a house in Quetta. The abductees were released after Baloch fury all over Balochistan.

The BLF has a political wing called the Baloch National Movement (BNM); BNM leaders publicly deny their connection. However, the BLF is also also accused of committing war crimes in Balochistan like targeting unarmed civilians, butchers, barbers, washers, sweepers and even Baloch political opponents on a charge they were Pakistan informers.

Just last month the BLF killed 15 Punjabi youths execution style on a charge they were working for the multi-billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor. However, most news reports including one in the New York Times and independent Baloch journalists said the victims were wannabe emigrants to the West.

Dr Qambar Qazi, killed by BLF over dissent.

In one horrific case, the BLF is said to have killed a brilliant guerrilla commander and medic Dr Qambar Qazi, who graduated from Bolan Medical College College just like Dr Nazar. Dr Qazi, son of famous Baloch poet Mubarik Qazi, was gunned down simply because he objected against BLF targeting of Baloch locals. Dr Qazi was  said to be in the process of saying goodbye to the BLF and joining the BLA when he was killed.

Last month, Dr Nazar tweeted that two of his political opponents federal ports and shipping minister Mir Hasil Bizenjo and former chief minister Dr Malik Baloch– both of who are reportedly siding with the army against their own people– have been put on the BLF’s hit list. “Dr Malik and Hasil Bezanjo of  advised the Pakistan Army to intensify the genocide of Baloch people. That’s why we have also instructed the Baloch Sarmachaars to eliminate these traitors wherever they can target them,” the tweet read. A second tweet read, “There is no room left for Pakistan Army and collaborators of ISI like Dr Malik, Hasil Bezanjo and others in Balochistan. Baloch fighters must eliminate these elements otherwise Baloch nation will perish.” However, the two tweets have apparently been deleted.

Though some of the BLF extremist actions like killing of Sindhi laborers were widely condemned, Dr Nazar is the only commoner who heads the guerrilla outfit. Most other Baloch guerrilla outfits are being directed by Baloch feudal lords who are living in the comforts of  the West.

Recently, another very senior Baloch guerrilla leader Aslam Baloch, who spearheads the Balochistan Liberation Army in the mountains of Balochistan joined hands with Dr Nazar, giving sleepless nights to the Pakistan army. London-based former Balochistan government minister Hyrbyair Marri is reportedly the nominal head of the BLA, but skeptics say that those who live in exile in the West should and can not lead the militancy business on the ground.

On November 16, Swiss authorities arrested and deported Hyrbyair Marri’s younger brother Nawab Mehran Marri on the alleged charge that he heads the United Baloch Army. The Swiss also snapped a lifetime ban on the entry of Marri, who alternately lives in Dubai, UAE, and London, and was regularly visiting Geneva since March 2001 to speak at the UN Palace of Nations. A week later, the Swiss government also shot down the asylum petition of Marri’s brother-in-law Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti on a charge that he heads the Baloch Republican Army. Unfazed by the Swiss action against their alleged chief, the BRA was continuing its actions, according to the militant outfit’s tweets. Bugti has been living just outside Geneva for seven years now. Islamabad was miffed at Marri and Bugti for a Free Balochistan ad campaign that was run by them in Geneva in September while the UN Human Rights Council was in session.

Criticism is mounting on the exiled feudal lords over running militant organizations as if it was their family business, spending the militancy funds for living like Arabian princes instead of the well-being of the Sarmachars or freedom fighters on the battlefields of Balochistan.

These feudal lords live in multi-million mansions and penthouses and drive super expensive luxury cars such as Rolls Royce, Lexus and Bentley. But Western government action like what the Swiss have done with Marri and Bugti is likely to loosen feudal grip on Baloch militancy on the ground.

Three-year-old Beebarg, grand nephew of Dr Allah Nazar-- Picture courtesy Dr Nazar/twitter

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