Prof Fair responds with funny pictures to ISI’s vicious Wikipedia attacks on her

A leading US scholar, who was earlier threatened with rape by an entire Pakistan regiment, is facing a concerted campaign by her detractors in Pakistan’s infamous ISI spy service to discredit her academic accomplishments. C. Christine Fair, who is a fierce critic of Pakistan army support to jihadi proxies against India and Afghanistan, is an Associate Professor in the Security Studies Program within Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. She previously served as a senior political scientist with the RAND Corporation.

The ISI edits in Wikipedia against her said she was critical of leading human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reports on the CIA-run drones operations against Pakistan backed militants in Afghanistan. Some of the ISI criticism directed against her is that her stance on drones has been denounced, and called “surprisingly weak” by Brookings Institution senior fellow Shadi Hamid.[9] Journalist Glenn Greenwald dismissed Fair’s arguments as “rank propaganda”, arguing there is “mountains of evidence” showing drones are counterproductive, pointing to mass civilian casualties and independent studies.[10] In 2010, Fair denied the notion that drones caused any civilian deaths, alleging Pakistani media reports were responsible for creating this perception.[11] Jeremy Scahill wrote that Fair’s statement was “simply false” and contradicted by New America‘s detailed study on drone casualties.[11]

Irked by the ISI attacks, Prof Fair said in her peculiar style that she “is a reasonably accomplished pole dancer who even knits and crochets her own costumes. In college she was a competitive bodybuilder. (See trophy in below photo.) In her free time, she likes to cook and even authored a cult best seller Cuisines of the Axis of Evil and Other Irritating States.”

In addition to Pakistan army and ISI backing of jihadi proxies, she is a prominent critic of the so-called Pakistan China Economic Corridor and blasts Islamabad’s atrocities in Balochistan. She is equally critical of Baloch militant outfits targeting non-Baloch in Balochistan, including laborers, teachers and journalists.

To ridicule her ISI detractors, Prof Fair also sent a bunch of funny pictures to share with the audience. She said these pictures could be added to her Wikipedia page. It is relevant to point out here that though Pakistan army got billions of dollars from the US to fight terrorism, senior army and ISI generals reportedly gave safe sanctuary to the US’s most dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden near the country’s West Point. Observers point out that CIA chief Mike Pompeo is quite soft on Pakistan but even Pompeo recently remarked that Pakistan has “not yet” taken action against Islamic militants operating out of that South Asian country’s soil.


Picture courtesy Prof Fair
Prof Fair shows off her stitching skills
Picture courtesy Prof Fair
Prof Fair shows picture of her stich works
Prof Fair-- Picture courtesy Prof Fair
Among her many skills one is that she is a pole dancer, Prof Fair mocks at her ISI detractors.
Prof Fair at her polar best? Picture courtesy Prof Fair
Prof Fair ridicules ISI in her peculiar way
Wanna climb this pole? Picture courtesy Prof Fair
Another action picture by Prof Fair to ridicule the infamous ISI of Pakistan.





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  1. Yawn….I am the “ISI” agent princess Unfair speaks off I added the criticism section on her Wikipedia page back in 2016. It lead to a furious response from Christine she went on a huge rant on her notorious Twitter account and called my edit an “ISI conspiracy” to “defame” her thankfully this foolish woman makes it easy for people like me to expose her shortcomings and valid criticism a simple google search will show you a plethora of pages critiquing her “works”. She urged her Indian lackies to remove any criticsm and to fight back against “ISI agents on Wikipedia” this gave me decent entertainment for a good few days untill I went back to my day job as a counter assistant in my local Tescos store in London. I returned today (after over a year) to see the attempts to censor valid criticism of her “work” has utterly failed

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