Gen Asim Bajwa, the ‘Joseph Goebbels’ who is ruling Balochistan

Guess who is a serving army officer with the largest number of twitter followers in Pakistan or perhaps in the world? Don’t go any further. Visit the Quetta cantonment, the main center for the military occupation of Balochistan and meet the corps commander of the XII Corps or army Southern Command, Lt Gen Asim Bajwa.

The Muzzafargarh-born three-star general, who became the Inspector General of arms of the Pakistan army after his stint as the army’s spin doctor as director general of the Inter Services Public Relations, was posted as commander to ensure Baloch live under Pakistan army bayonets.

“Lt-Gen Bajwa remained the director general of the ISPR for over four years and is credited with building a positive image of former army chief Gen (retired) Raheel Sharif. Bajwa – the first three-star general to head the military’s media wing – is also the first to use social media platforms such as Twitter to project the army and its policies,” according to The Express Tribune, whose editor is one of the few guys followed by the general.

The main reason this general has been posted as the man to rule over Balochistan is to project a positive image of the army’s secret, bloody, dirty war there. His task is to mislead the world that the Pakistan army is the good guys fighting the dirty Baloch rebels– once called the wild herds of southwest Asia.

The tweets and actions of at least one militant leader, Dr Allah Nazar, chief of the Balochistan Liberation Front– the Baloch Che Guevara– is making the general’s task much easier it seems.

Last week Dr Nazar tweeted that he has directed his guerrillas to kill two of his chief political opponents, federal ports and shipping minister Mir Hasil Bizenjo and former chief minister Dr Malik Baloch. Then on Tuesday, the BLF killed 15 Punjabi wannabe emigrants to the West in Kech district on a charge they were working on a CPEC project for the army-run Frontier Works Organization.

Rahmatullah Shohaz-- Courtesy Facebook
Popular poet Rahmatullah Shohaz, killed by the BLF in January 2016

The deceptive craftiness of Gen Bajwa, the Joseph Goebbels of Balochistan, could be seen in a report about the killing of Younis Taukali, the BLF commander allegedly involved in the massacre of the 15 Punjabis. The DAWN report reads the army said Taukali “was wanted for multiple murders, including that of Rehmatullah Shohaz, a founding member of the Baloch National Movement (BNM).” The killing of poet Shohaz, who was well loved by local Baloch in January last year, was unjust and uncalled for but the question here to ask is since when have the Punjabi generals become such well wishers of the BNM or for that matter any other Baloch patriotic parties.

Asim Bajwa has an incredible number of followers on twitter: 3.19 million but follows only 33, none of them is a Baloch. Bajwa, a clansman of army chief of staff Qamar Javed Bajwa is not even following the Khawaja Khairuddin of Balochistan and friend of Indian politician Mani Shankar Aiyer, federal ports and shipping minister Mir Hasil Bizenjo. But then  why should a modern day Khalid bin Waleed, follow his slaves and servants–the Baloch apostates.

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