Mehran Marri detained at Zurich airport with family

A key leader of the Balochistan struggle for restoration of their human dignity in Pakistan has been detained by the Swiss authorities at Zurich airport.

“I hv now been informed that I have been placed under a lifetime ban on entering Switzerland at the request of Islamabad. So much for the Geneva UNHRC being the world capital of human rights. I am still in detention at Zurich Airport with my wife and children. Stay tuned 4 more,” Mehran Marri, who is the president of the Baluchistan House tweeted Thursday.

Mehran Marri was traveling to Geneva to attend the Baloch unity moot called by his brother in law, Brahumdagh Bugti, president of the Baloch Republican Party. The unity meeting begins Saturday.

Marri is the youngest son of the late Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, the ideological Godfather of the free Balochistan movement.


An earlier tweet by Mehran Marri said “Friends, I have been detained at Zurich Airport for the last few hours and feel I am under arrest by Swiss authorities on request of the Pakistan Govt. My wife and children are also with me in detention. Don’t worry, being detained is nothing new for the Baloch…

“My father spent many years in far worse conditions, but never have up. The peaceful & legal struggle for an independent free of Pakstani occupation shall continue no matter what the Punjabi generals & babus of that excuse of a country plan. We’ll persevere.”

Other than Mehran Marri, those who are expected to attend the unity meeting were his estranged elder brother Hyrbyair Marri, who heads the Free Balochistan Movement. The Marri brothers are in the struggle for a free Balochistan while their eldest brothers Jangyz Marri, a provincial government minister and Gazain Marri, who ended his exile and returned to Pakistan in September, owe allegiance to Pakistan.

Javed Mengal, Mehran Marri’s brother-in-law and Sardar Bakhtiar Domki, brother-in-law of Brahumdagh Bugti, are also expected at the Saturday moot that has been called to end the factionalism that plagues the Balochistan struggle for freedom.

The lone commoner invited at the Saturday moot is Hammal Haider, an international representative of the Baloch National Movement.

Mehran Marri tweeted, “If it had been Pakstan or China, I wd have shrugged it off, but i never imagined Swiss Authorities would take mug shots of my 4-yr-old and seven-year-old children as detainees. The long arm of the Pakistan’s billionaire Army Generals sure reach far beyond their bank accounts.”

Bugti was shocked over the arrest of his brother-in-law. “I am really shocked that how a neutral country like Switzerland can do that, he used to come to Switzerland very often in the last 15 years: Brahumdagh Bugti,Baloch Republican Party leader told the ANI.

According to a report in The News International, the Swiss government has imposed a 10-year ban on Mehran Marri’s entry into Switzerland. The report by Murtaza Shah said that “Swiss government’s foreign ministry officials met him and handed him a dossier of eight pages explaining why his immigration into Switzerland will not be allowed. Swiss government sources have confirmed that the “lifetime entry ban” on Mehran Marri was placed on November 9.”

Pakistan army and ISI were pressurizing the Swiss authorities against Marri and Bugti for quite some time now, but were particularly irked by a Free Baluchistan ad campaign in September.

Many seasoned Baloch Diaspora activists say the main reason for the challenges they face is New Delhi is not playing its role responsibly and has thrown the Baloch to the Islamabad and Beijing wolves.



4 thoughts on “Mehran Marri detained at Zurich airport with family

  1. Swiss govt had very bravely defended it’s position of neutrality during the most difficult day’s of W.war II. and proved to be only hope for War torned Europe & influx of homeless refugees. A nation like Swiss who provided safety to all oppressed & destitute human beings during most catastrophic conditions of War & achieved the reputation of Human rights defender; how could it reached to such a low profile that a terrorist country like Pakistan threatening the peace of entire world could convince Swiss govt to arrest a Baloch leader Mehran Marri & his family members including his small kids, who have not committed any crime what so ever in any country of the world. It’s very unfortunate that how PakArmy blackmailed & convinced the Swiss govt to detain Mr Marri & his family. It seems that Pakistan has intrigued to spoil the reputation of Swiss govt as one of Pakistan’s alliance. We the people of Balochistan humbly request Swiss authority to release Mehran Marri & his family members and provide them necessary protection and assistance.. JKBALOCH.

  2. Swiss neutrality is misplaced. They are only helping the tyrant. They should see through the formal procedure mechanism and help the real victims and the not the perpetrators.

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