Malik was happy on news of earthquake in Balochistan

Let me go back a little over four years. Twin earthquakes, measuring 7.7 and 6.8 magnitude, strike France-sized Balochistan killing at least 825 people on September 24, 2013, which the SBS ranks one of the deadliest in the last decade. It is a fact that, instead of weeping for his people, when that devastating earthquake hit Balochistan, in Pakistan’s southwest, one man who was rejoicing over it was then Balochistan chief minister Dr Malik Baloch.

There was a reason for Malik’s joy. At the time, the worst hit districts were in total control of the guerrillas and were a no-go area for the Pakistani security forces. Malik was happy that now the Pakistanis, with military boots will be able to go deep inside Balochistan’s virgin territories in the name of relief. Malik had his two minutes of glory of having a private jet as chief minister of Balochistan. His shameless supporters, the Kech toy boys of the FC soldiers, who had never been on a private jet were delighted and almost every Shambeh, Jumma and Ramzan in the “Anti” National Party was seen taking pictures in the Cessna and posting it on Facebook. In Balochi, we call them nadeeduks, or lowly. They had buried the dreams of Baloch becoming the masters of their own destiny in Balochistan, have their own army, air force and navy– country named Balochistan on the world map– and were instead joyous over that small little Cessna. That was the highest the man, once himself a freedom ideologue in the camp of Balochistan nationalist leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, could rise– and fall.

It is no secret that Malik worked his rear off in shining the boots of the Pakistani occupiers so that he rules all five years in Balochistan, with the help of his most cunning mentor Mir Hasil Bizenjo, now the ports and shipping minister. Malik stooped the lowest and was seen playing the rope game with the man occupying Balochistan, Lt Gen Nasser Janjua, corps commander of the XII Corps, also Southern Command of the Pakistan army. Lt Gen Janjua was no doubts one among the Butchers of Balochistan. Janjua’s brutalities and his acceleration the kill and dump policy was rewarded by the army high command by elevating him as the National Security Adviser. The deal that the National Party, which should be called the Anti National Party as far as Balochistan goes, made with their civilian mentor, nullee nihari fame premier Nawaz Sharif after the 2013 was that their National Party will enjoy the cake smeared with Baloch blood for half of the five year tenure and the other half will be by man from Sharif’s PML Nawaz. Malik did his level best to get a continuation in his tenure but after Janjua left, the “thief of Jhalawan” Sardar Sanuallah Zehri, convinced the new ruler of Balochistan, the then Corps Commander Lt Gen Amir Riaz, he can do a better job than Malik of killing the freedom aspirations of more than 30 million Baloch people for Balochistan. Zehri, who personally killed his elder brother Sardar Rasul Bakhsh Zehri, was an ideal candidate– Punjabi generals want Baloch who can kill their own brothers.  Zehri is an unworthy grandson of Nawab Nauroz Khan who gave along with his son Batay Khan and five nephews fought for Balochistan honor in 1960. These Zehris with great Baloch pride and honor kissed the gallows in Hyderabad and Sukkur jails under Pakistan’s first dictator Gen Ayub Khan.

Returning to Malik, I had first seen him way back in 1979 when we were both associated with the Baloch Students Organization. The rendezvous took place at the hostel of the Dawood College of Engineering and Technology in Gulshan-i-Iqbal, Karachi. We also had anda tammatar eggs-and-tomato crumbled omelette at a jhuggi restaurant nearby. He was then a sincere and genuine guy dreaming Balochistan’s freedom, not the thug that he is today– I am glad my dream has not shattered, despite unhelpful friends.

Many may put Malik Baloch and his chief mentor feudal Mir Hasil Bizenjo, presently ports and shipping minister, in the same anti-Baloch dirty basket, but the fact is Bizenjo has fallen even lower. His dad Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bizenjo, former governor of Balochistan, was undoubtedly founder of modern Baloch nationalism was a close family friend since he was 11 in the 1920s. I told Hasil to his face that I suspect he is indeed a son of his father’s dark-complexioned driver as he does not have anything in common with his dad’s greatness. I can repeat that same sentence here as at a time when the life and death of the entire Baloch nation hinges on defeating the Sino-Pakistan designs of taking over Gwadar port, he is assisting them as the ports and shipping minister. A friend of Indian politician Mani Shankar Aiyer, Hasil’s action of promoting Sino-Pakistan designs on Gwadar is no different than a son holding the lubricant for his mother’s rapist. Hasil is now famous in Balochistan by the nickname I gave him: Khawaja Khairuddin of Balochistan. Khawaja Khairuddin, a politician from East Pakistan, had sided with Pakistan army in their crimes against humanity at the time of Bangladesh’s independence struggle in 1971.

I wrote these lines as there are better ways to bury Malik Baloch and Hasil Bizenjo than by assassins bullets; Dr Allah Nazar of the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) tweeted that he has directed the BLF to kill the two. Any assassins bullets will turn these Islamabad quislings into martyrs and give a new lease of life to their so-called National Party. This will be disastrous for Balochistan.

Baloch patriots must use whatever power they have got to defeat these stooges of Islamabad in the elections next year–even if its well known that the elections won’t solve major questions of Baloch rights–, instead of boycotting those elections altogether.

The best way to kill a politician is by politics. Sometimes trigger-happy guerrillas can easily forget that and shoot themselves in the foot instead.


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