Dr Nazar tweets he has asked BLF to kill Malik, Bizenjo

Dr Allah Nazar, chief of the Baloch Liberation Front, has tweeted he has asked the commandos of the Baloch Liberation Front to physically eliminate two leaders of the National Party, one of them a former chief minister and the second a present ports and shipping of Pakistan.

“Dr Malik and Hasil Bezanjo of advised the Pakistan Army to intensify the genocide of Baloch people. That’s why we have also instructed the Baloch Sarmachaars to eliminate these traitors wherever they can target them,” the tweet Monday read. A second tweet Tuesday reads, “There is no room left for Pakistan Army and collaborators of ISI like Dr Malik, Hasil Bezanjo and others in Balochistan. Baloch fighters must eliminate these elements otherwise Baloch nation will perish.”

The latest tweets by the Baloch freedom leader may get him kicked out of twitter as the social media company has a policy against promotion of violence, despite the fact that he has borne the brunt of Pakistan state terrorism himself. Nearly a dozen male members of his family, including two brothers, Safar Khan and Gohar Khan, have been killed in brutal army attacks on his village Mehi. He went underground after an attack  in June 2015, prompting Pakistan to say he was dead, but came back with a bang five months later.

Islamabad has always used the divide and rule policy to control Balochistan and it is true the Pakistan Deep State policy of kill and dump started in Balochistan after the killing Maula Bakhsh Dashti, who was a leader of the National Party.

Hasil Bizenjo, federal ports and shipping minister, is presently the president of the National Party while Dr Malik Baloch, former chief minister of Balochistan, is a former president of the party which is in the ruling coalition in Balochistan.

However, the real head of the party is Sardar Aslam Bizenjo, chief of the Bizenjo tribe and a provincial minister in the Balochistan cabinet, while wanted murderer and drug lynch pin Imam Bheel is the chief financier of the party.

Dil Jan, a leader of the Baloch Students Organization Azad, backed Dr Nazar’s call. “ (is) directly involves in Baloch genocide like Sardar Aziz who (is) leading the death squad in Turbat areas. I fully support this act against traitors who wears the fake mask of Baloch,” he tweeted.

It is widely feared any physical attack on the NP leaders will further help the divide and rule policy of Pakistan occupation forces in Balochistan.

Shah Meer Baloch, writer,  social activist and humanist,  tweeted against Dr Nazar’s tweet, “Like Pindi, Mullahs and you are also giving certificates and killing Baloch with impunity. Malik and Hasil don’t believe in your ideology. Is it the remedy to kill them? Okay, fine you can go for your ideology. But killing them would never strengthen your ideology of freedom. Like you have the freedom to follow your goals and let them take part in parliamentary process if they wish. Don’t act like GHQ & let people decide whom to follow.”

Dr Ali Akbar Mengal, president of Baloch Diaspora France, was in a state of disbelief over Dr Nazar’s tweet. “I think someone else is using his account,” Mengal who knew Dr Nazar since they both studied at Bolan Medical College, said.

At times the BLF has turned its guns on close family members of the victims of Pakistan state atrocities after false accusations. Dr Mengal regrets that political educationist Master Rahmatullah Sajidi, a local high school headmaster and elder brother of Dr Din Mohammed Baloch, who was forcibly disappeared while on night duty on June, 29, 2009 from Ornach, Khuzdar– was killed on a charge of being a government informer just because he criticized some methods of the BLF at a public rally.

Dr Nazar kept on tweeting, even though his well wishers were concerned. “Hasil Bezanjo’s party has advised the army to intensify military operations during its tenure. We have solid proof that Pakistan Army not only abducted & killed countless innocent Baloch but harassed women as well. There is no other way but to eliminate these political thugs,” he tweeted. Yet another tweet said, “Hasil Bezanjo and Dr Malik are national traitors and transgressors. Those who support them, may read their party statements. If such people meet their maker, it won’t mean assassination but cleansing of the nation’s soul and soil.”

A major concern is if the militants don’t mend their ways their actions may bring a bad name for India as Pakistan generals continue to accuse India of funding the militancy. On Monday, the second most important general in Pakistan army, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee (JCSC), Gen Zubair Mehmood Hayat accused RAW of running a $500 million cell to derail the so-called China Pakistan Economic Corridor, according to DAWN newspaper.

As a well wisher of the Baloch people, I really wish the general’s charge was true because success of the CPEC means there will be no Balochistan–or land of the Baloch– on the face of earth.



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