Judge refuses request of Indian IT tech, who works for DMI, to censor US writer

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BELOW: Court record of Krishna Gudipati who plays host to Hindu icons such as Dr Subramanian Swamy and Sadhguru.


Tuesday, a second judge in Montgomery county district court in Maryland threw out a request  by Indian nationals to censor the writings of an American journalist.

Krishna Gudipati, mobile solutions architect at the DC-based Digitial Management Inc., requested Judge Aileen E. Oliver to ask this correspondent to take down the articles he wrote about Gudipati’s wife beatings recently. Judge Oliver bluntly refused to censor after the writer explained that it was not the responsibility of the state to curtail free speech.

Differences between Gudipati and his associate Soumya S. Chowdhury, also an Indian citizen who works for Monument Construction LLC, with this writer first surfaced when this writer wrote an article to condemn the dastardly killing by a Hindu fanatic Shambulal Regar in Rajasthan in December.

On December 6, the 25th anniversary of the Ayodhya Mosque turmoil that saw the killing of 2,000 people, mostly Muslims in India, Regar hacked to death Afrazul, 50, from West Bengal accusing him of being involved in “love jihad,” that is enticing non-Muslim women into sex with a goal of their conversion to Islam. Regar’s video tape of the killing and burning of Afrazul’s body went viral on the social media.

Other points of differences were this writer’s regular expose of the wrong acts of some Balochistan militant groups of targeting noncombatant civilians. Gudipati and Chowdhury met with representatives of the Baloch National Movement, who are believed to be front offices of the deadly Balochistan Liberation Front.

Gudipati’s associate Chowdhury also abused the pregnant wife of Bronze star winning Capt (RTD) Dipesh Chatterjee and when this scribe asked him to apologize he became even more abusive.

The reports have been widely published in mainstream Pakistan media both in English and Urdu.






India spent $800 million on Baloch militancy since 2001

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Kindly help Mustikhan’s Musings uphold the truth, not reported by the Pakistan media, by your generous givings.


Writing for the good of all

Kindly help Mustikhan’s Musings uphold the truth, not reported by the Pakistan media, by your generous givings.





Like to read the truth about militancy in Balochistan, go no further. From the pen of Balochistan’s famous journalist Ahmar Mustikhan read about what is really happening in Balochistan. And if you are a creative person, here you go CLICK HERE TO READ.



High time Baloch should distance themselves from India?

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Ambassador Khalilzad calls Baloch writer premier of Balochistan

Quite an honor to be called prime minister of Balochistan, by none else but Afghanistan’s best son and former US envoy to the UN, Zalmay Khalilzad. But am just a writer, founder and president of the American Friends of Balochistan, top interlocutor of the Baloch cause in the USA.

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Whats wrong with @HRW?

No doubts the creation of Pakistan was the worst sin of the white man in the last century.

But even today the question is oo white folks care about brown folks? I guess not, otherwise how can a very responsible organization like the Human Rights Watch honor former coup leader and dictator Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf.
The dictator ousted a democratic government, killed former governor and chief minister of Balochistan, Nawab Akbar Bugti, is accused by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari of being the killer of Gen Pervez Musharraf.

At an interview in Dubai, he publicly called for assassinating Baloch activists like myself in foreign nations. I was very pained to see Bob Woodward interview Musharraf at a Harvard business school event, but did not ask him a single question about Balochistan.

Cash-starved AFB translates crucial video to expose ISI dirty face in Afghanistan

A video that bares the true story of a suicide bomber used by Pakistan to attack the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul has been translated from Pashto into English into by volunteers of the American Friends of Balochistan.

The Washington DC-based AFB, which is doing excellent work to expose Pakistan terror not only in Balochistan but also against US troops and Afghans in Afghanistan, Pashtuns in Khyber Pashtunkhwa, Indians in Kashmir, and Christian and Hindu women and girls in Pakistan but is not getting any help from any quarters.

In the video Abdul Qahar, father of Matiullah, narrates the whole story of what happened to his son who was trained into a suicide bomber by Pakistan. the attack left more than 40 Afghans dead.

Here is the complete English translation of the video:

I am Abdul Qahar, son of Abdul Razaq, resident of Killi Shameer, District Maiwand (Wilaswalai), State Kandahar province…. After a year and a half’s absence, my son called me. I asked him, “Where are you?” He said “In Chaman (Pakistan’s border town with Afghanistan, across from Spin Boldak)”. I asked: “What are you doing there?” He said he was in a madrassah (seminary). I asked him: Where? He replied in the Ashizai’s (a subtribe of the Achakzais) madrassah by the mountains in Chaman (Headquarter of District Killa Abdullah, Pakistan)”.

I asked, “What are you doing there?” He said that he had been studying in the madrassah (seminary). I said, “I want to see you but I can’t find where exactly the madrassah (seminary) is located. Why not we meet somewhere else and then I will go with you and visit your madrassah (seminary) as well?” He agreed to this.

Later I, his mom and his little sister traveled to Chaman city. My intention was to bring him back to Kandahar, because I had heard a lot on TV and radio that in Pakistani madrassahs (seminaries), they brainwash Afghan kids for terrorism and suicide attacks within our country. When we finally met him, I implored him to come with us, his mom cried and asked if he requested to return home and said that we would arrange his marriage upon his return. He agreed and said that he would return home in a few days.

When we came home, he again shut his number off on us. We couldn’t contact him for another one year. After a year he called again, he was still in the same madrassah (seminary), I asked him if he could accompany me to see his grandfather, who had brain tumor and was admitted in a hospital in Quetta city. He said, “Okay.” Again, I and his mother went and met him in Chaman.

We asked him that he should come with us to see his grandfather. He said, he will come to Quetta in two or three days and will meet us there. We stayed in Quetta for 15 days but he never showed up. We returned to Kandahar. After two and a half months, this incident at The Continental hotel in Kabul was all over the news. I took it as just another terrorist attack, as usual.

When I came home everyone else in the house knew about Matiullah except me and his mom, probably. They were trying not to let me know about this, but I suspected that they are hiding something from me. Anyways. I received a phone call from an unknown number and the caller asked me if I am the father of Matiullah. “Yes, I am”, I said. The caller said he was the Qari Sahib, and he wanted to meet me in Chaman and it was about Matiullah. He also told me about the meeting place.

When I crossed the border, he was not far from there. He took me on his motorbike. I asked him, “Were are we going?” He said towards Ashizai’s village. When we reached there, he took me into a house. There was nobody in that house, just a motorbike and some other stuff. There was a door in that house that led into another house. There were seven to eight people gathered there in prayers. Since it was the prayer time, I asked them to provide me water for wudhu (ablution).

After the prayer, they told me that your son Matiullah and four other Taliban have attained martyrdom in the attack on The Continental Hotel in Kabul. They showed me some videos and pictures. I started crying and shouting, asking how he got to the Continental Hotel! Who took him there? He couldn’t go there on his own….

They said you have to do Fatiha at home for him, he is a Shaheed (martyr). And asked me if I want to pick up his stuff. I said that I didn’t want anything other than just one of his shirts to take for his mom. And I said I don’t want to do his Fateha, nor is he a Shaheed (martyr); he is a murderer. He has taken innocent lives. I am not taking his dead body from Kabul nor am I going to burial rites.

To connect with the American Friends of Balochistan AFB, follow us on twitter @AFB_USA
Email: afbamerica@gmail.com
Web: americanfriendsofbalochistan.org

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Mustikhan gets Eddy Shah endorsement on journalism skills


One of the UK’s best known media tycoons, friend of Rupert Murdoch and close relative of Prince Karim Aga Khan IV has endorsed the journalism skills of the writer and publisher of Mustikhan’s Musings.

Eddy Shah is a UK celebrity who ended the unions on Fleet Street Street. Eddy Shah’s father, the late Muchool J. Shah, was close close family friend. Eddy Shah spoke to this scribe after his father’s demise. Muchool J. Shah was a man of sterling qualities, a breed that has almost vanished in Pakistan. In the 1990s when Muchool J. Shah who lived in Nova Scotia, was trying to sell his house he was highly disturbed over the ridiculous obstacles he faced and had remarked what kind of a country Pakistan is where a person could not even sell his own property.

Shah might have been the aga Khan instead of his cousin today as there was a dispute in the family over who would become the next Aga Khan 60 years ago but the dispute was later amicably resolved.

Shah, who mendorsed the journalism skills of this writer, is himself a prolific writer: writing has been a major part of Eddy Shah’s life since he was sixteen and in the 1990s he wrote four successful novels: Manchester Blue, Fallen Angels, The Lucy Ghosts and Ring of Red Roses.

Shah has led an interesting life. Born in 1944 in Cambridge, Eddy Shah was educated at Gordonstoun in Scotland, followed by Haywards Heath Grammar School and despite being thrown out of several schools along the way managed to get nine O levels. He didn’t go to University but his lifelong passion for books and reading started when he was very young and he’s been writing all his life. he was with his father living in Karachi but hated to leave the city according, to a deceased uncle of this writer who Eddy Shah knew quite well.

Others who have endorsed this scribe’s writing skills are Farahnaz Ispahani, author of Purifying the Land of the Pure; Brian Beary, author Separatist Movements: A Global Reference; John Dudley Miller, PhD, nuclear power, radiation risk, science and technology reporter; Professor William O. Beeman, chair department of anthropology, University of Minnesota; Joseph E. Fallon, Middle East/North Africa and Central/South Asia researcher and analyst and former Cultural Awareness Instructor for the U.S. Army Intelligence Center at Ft. Huachuca, AZ; Jackie Cohen, writer and editor; and Nuzhat Khatoon, reference librarian at the Library of Congress.

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Good news for peace in South Asia: Pashtuns demand freedom in Islamabad




I love Pashtuns, more so after their rally Sunday in Islamabad in which they called for independence of Pashtunistan.

The uprising of Pashtuns, now being called the Pashtun spring, follows Islamabad’s devious plans to snatch the semi-autonomy of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. It has sent a wave of joy across the Pashtun diaspora globally.

The uprising also followed the staged encounter and execution-style of Naqeebullah, 27, a young man from the Mehsud tribe in Karachi on January 13. The Punjabi officer SSP Rao Anwar, who ordered the killing after arresting Naqeebullah, a budding Facebook star who used the screen name Apna Veer, from the Pashtun stronghold of Sohrab Goth, is now on the run.

Two others who were arrested along with Naqeebullah were freed by police after receiving bribes. Naqeebullah, however, was shot dead and police reported his death as an encounter.

Afghanistan intellectual, Majeed Qarar, who is cultural attache at the Afghan embassy appeared thrilled over the Pashtun awakening in Islamabad.  “For the 1st time after the cold war era, masses of Pashtuns in Pak raise the slogans of independence. This new uprising surge is led not by conventional politicians but by a new generation of youth from across Pashtunkhwa. The demonstrators called Pakistan a terrorist state,” Qarar tweeted.

Qarar’s colleague at the Afghan embassy, Haroon Hakimi, also tweeted about the historic march. “The censored voice of millions who have suffered from the brutal policies of Pak-PJB during decades is arising!1-A big NO to state spnsrd terrorism, fundamentalism & extremism by the innocent victims. 2-A great move for protecting fundamental Rights inside.1/2 #PakhtunLongMarch,” Hakimi, who is himself a Pashtun nationalist like Qarar said, adding “3- Awakening of tens of millions of Pashtuns to change their status from a stateless to an equal citizen level. 4- an important step for weakening the violence and bringing peace to both sides of the Durand Line and the region. The World should support it. 2/2 #PakhtunLongMarch.”

But even as the Pashtuns staged a ground breaking rally in Islamabad, the bad boys of the Aabpara headquarters were busy working overtime. Idrees Wazir, son of one of the main leaders at the protest in Islamabad was gunned down in Dera Ismail Khan and his brother wounded. The crooks were trying to pit one Pashtun tribe against another by saying Idrees Wazir was killed by the Mehsuds at a time of unprecedented Pashtun unity.

The Islamabad rally brought together Pashtuns from all shades of opinion, both left and right, who raised slogans that Pakistan was a terrorist state. Even fake Pashtun Imran Khan party was also also present.

Though Pakistan has always projected Pashtuns as semi-civilized brutes and Islamist suicide bombers, they are pretty civilized people who show lot of tolerance for one another. This writer was surprised that two Pashtun students, one who supported Kabul and the other Islamabad, had heated arguments over politics but still remained close friends. Had such arguments taken place between two Baloch, they would not have talked with another for the rest of their lives.


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